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Alexandra Maria Lara is a Roman-German actress who has starred in films such as Downfall, The Reader, Rush, Youth Without Youth, and Control. Alexandra has been acting since the mid-1990s, but the portrayal of a young Traudl Junge, Adolf Hitler’s private secretary during the second half of WWII, in the 2004 film Downfall, starring Bruno Ganz as Hitler, has garnered her the most notice and notoriety. Since then, she’s mainly been cast in supporting roles.

Early life

Alexandra Maria Lara was born in Bucharest, Romania, on 12 November 1978. Lara is the only child of actor Valentin Plătăreanu and his wife, Doina. She was born in Bucharest. Her family moved to Communist Romania in 1983 for West Germany to escape Nicolae Ceaușescu’s government. Despite their plans to travel to Canada, the family settled in Freiburg in Breisgau before relocating to Berlin.

Lara studied acting under the direction of her co-founder of the Theaterwerkstatt Charlottenburg after graduating from the Französisches Gymnasium Berlin in 1997.


Lara was performing lead roles in several television series at sixteen. Since then, she’s acted in several films, including Traudl Junge, Adolf Hitler’s secretary, in the Academy Award-nominated 2004 film Downfall; after that, Francis Ford Coppola wrote her a letter and cast her in Youth Without Youth (2007).

She also starred in the Ian Curtis biopic Control in 2007 as Belgian journalist Annik Honoré. Alexandra was a member of the jury at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Napoléon and L’Affaire Farewell are two French films in which she has appeared. She starred in two films nominated for Academy Awards, The Reader and Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, respectively, for the best picture and foreign-language cinema.

She played his German girlfriend in Ben Wheatley’s Happy New Year, Colin Burstead, in which she co-starred with her real-life husband, Sam Riley.

Personal life

Lara married English actor Sam Riley in August 2009, with whom she appeared in the films Control and Suite Française. Alexandra was gave birth to their first child, a boy, in January of 2014.

List of movies

  • Offset
  • Crazy
  • City of life
  • Cowgirl
  • Sing
  • Move on
  • The fisherman and his wife
  • Imagine
  • Small world
  • Control
  • Women in love
  • Downfall
  • Nacked
  • The king’s man
  • Rush
  • Sealed lips
  • Youth without youth
  • Where is Fred?
  • The most beautiful day
  • The Tunnel
  • 25 km/h
  • I hate my job
  • The city of your final
  • The reader
  • Farewell
  • Daughters

List of TV shows

  • El túnel hacia la libertad – 2001, season 1
  • Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex
  • Trenck: Zwei Herzen gegen die Krone
  • Stella Stellaris – 1994, season 1
  • El Árbol de los Deseos – 2004, season 1
  • Napoléon – 2002
  • Doctor Zhivago – 2002,season 1
  • Mensch, Pia!
  • You Are Wanted – 2017 – 2018, season 1 & 2
  • The Witnesses – 2021, season 1.
  • The Company – 2007


  • Der Wunschbaum (2004)
  • Control (2007)
  • Rubbeldiekatz (2011)
  • Børning 3: Asphalt Burning (2020)
  • Honolulu (2001)
  • Liebe und Verrat (2002)
  • Südsee, eigene Insel (1999)
  • Ich begehre dich (1995)
  • Sperling (1999)
  • Lady Cop (2000)
  • Schleudertrauma (2002)
  • Der Untergang (2004)
  • Cowgirl (2004)
  • I Really Hate My Job (2007)
  • The Reader (2008)
  • Small World (2010)
  • Rubbeldiekatz (2011)
  • Børning 3: Asphalt Burning (2020)
  • Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt (2016)
  • 99 Euro Films (2001)
  • Fisimatenten (2000)

Awards & nominations

Alexandra Maria Lara won the Golden Camera (2005) in the “Best German Actress” category.

In 2005 she won Undine Award in

Best Young Comedian category.

In 2019 she won “Filmkunstpreis Sachsen-Anhalt”

In 2004 Lara won the Bambi award for her film “National.”

Lara was also nominated for Bambi Awards in 2012,2016,2018 & 2019. Jupiter Award in 2016,2017,2018,2019.


Lara has not been involved in any scandals or controversies. She is a clever woman who avoids getting into trouble.


Lara dated so many people including Daniel Brühl, Florian Unger, Moritz Bleibtreu,Sam Riley & Daniele Liotti.

Net worth

Alexandra is one of the wealthiest and most popular actors. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Alexandra Maria Lara has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Unknown Facts About Alexandra Maria Lara

  • Alexandra is 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Alexandra is 43 years old.
  • Alexandra’s shoe size is 9.
  • Her hobby is reading books.