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Famous American celebrity Mary Joan Schutz is the former spouse of Gene Wilder, an actor, producer, screenwriter, and director. Gene Wilder, however, passed away on August 29, 2016, in Stamford, Connecticut. Because he didn’t want to upstage his show’s audience, Gene was able to conceal the problems of his Alzheimer’s illness, which was initially identified in 2013.

Early life

On January 12, 1930, Mary Joan Schutz was born in Illinois, the United States of America. Her mother’s name is Jeanne Baer Silberman, and her father is William J. Silberman. She has a sister named Corinne Silberman-Pearlman in addition to her one sibling.

Personal life

After divorcing Mary Mercier, his first wife, a few months later, Gene Wilder started seeing Mary Joan Schutz they married from 1960-1965. Mary was the younger sister of Gene’s cousin. Mary had a daughter named Katharine from her former marriage, to whom she had previously been married. When Katharine started phoning Gene’s father, Gene made the decision to wed Mary Joan Schutz. The ceremony was held on October 27, 1967.

Gene had also formally adopted Katharine in the same year. After seven years of marriage, the couple’s relationship started to have issues. In 1974, the couple got a divorce. This was brought on by Gene’s relationship with Madeline Kahn, his Young Frankenstein co-star. Following the divorce, Gene Wilder and Katharine started drifting apart as he started dating again.


Despite not having a well-known professional career, Mary Joan Schutz mentored their daughter Katharine in acting. In Branagh Theater Live: Romeo and Juliet and Frontier, Katharine had an appearance in Murder on the Orient Express.


Mary Joan is a divorced woman who is now unmarried. When Gene and Mary Mercier, her first wife, divorced in 1965, they began dating. Gene and Mary were quite close and fell in love just a few months after their divorce.

Even Mary Joan Schutz had a prior marriage and a child with a different man named Katharine. She hasn’t shared much information about her first spouse, though. On August 29, 2016, Gene, Mary’s ex-husband, passed away in Stamford, Connecticut, from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease.

List of movies

We didn’t find any information about Mary Joan Schutz’s  movies.

Net Worth

Before his passing, it was calculated that Gene Wilder, the ex-husband who was renowned as the actor who portrayed Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, was worth $20 million. He was a respected and well-paid actor, director, producer, and writer.

On August 26, 2016, in Stamford, Connecticut, he passed away at the age of 83 from complications brought on by Alzheimer’s disease. In a similar vein, Mary Joan Schutz is thought to be worth about $200,000 as an entrepreneur.

Unknown Facts

  • Mary Joan Schutz’s favourite place is New York, Canada, London, Los Angeles, California, Washington DC.
  • Mary Joan Schutz’s favourite animal is the dog.
  • Mary Joan Schutz’s hobbies are dancing, travelling, shopping, acting & gardening.
  • Mary Joan Schutz’s favourite  singers are Michael Jackson & Tailor Swift.
  • Mary Joan Schutz’s favourite  colours are green, red, blue, back & white.
  • Mary Joan Schutz’s favourite foods are cherry, shrimp cocktail, meat balls, grape jelly & stuffed celery.

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