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Michael Bollner is a former child actor. On September 14, 1958, Michael Bollner was born in Munich, Germany.  Michael Bollner is also well known for his childhood performance in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971).

Early Life

Michael Bollner’s early life is not much available in social media. However,  he was an awesome actor in his childhood.  But his family, especially his father, forced him to quit acting and focus on school. Michael Bollner’s nationality is German, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. His religion is Christianity. His ethnicity is white.

Personal Life Info

Michael Bollner’s school history is not available on social media. His father’s name is unknown.  His mother’s name is unknown. How many siblings he has, it is also unknown. His height is in feet 6’7″ inches. His weight is unknown.

Career life

Michael Bollner began his career with the movie “Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory” (1971) as Augustus Gloop. As his father wanted to continue his studies first, he left the acting industry and focused on study. At present,  he works as a tax accountant. 


Some of his movies are given below:

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), After They Were Famous (2003), and Bizarre Transmissions from the Bermuda Triangle (2015).

Award and Nominations


The major controversy about Michael Bollner is that once, he assaulted a photographer who recorded a video of his ex-wife with their 3-day-old daughter as they returned home from the hospital. Baldwin broke his nose and glasses and sprayed his truck with shaving foam. So later, Baldwin had to pay damages for this.

Some Unknown Facts About

  1. Does Michael Bollner smoke?  N/A
  2. Does Michael Bollner drink? N/A
  3. Does Michael Bollner have a tattoo?  N/A
  4. Michael Bollner loves travelling.
  5. Michael Bollner loves his pets.

Relationship Info

Michael Bollner’s relationship status is unknown. Maybe he is still single. There is no information about his relationship.

Political Journey

Michael Bollner is not involved with politics.

Michael Bollner’s Net Worth

 Michael Bollner net worth is $1.5 M US Dollars. 

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