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Owen Bakula is a talented dancer who excels in classical contemporary and classical dance. Owen Bakula is also well-known as one of the four children of Scott Bakula and his wife, Chelsea Field.

Early life

Owen Bakula was born in 1999 in the USA. He is the second child of Owen Bakula & Chelsea Field. Owen is now a 23 years old young man.

Scott Bakula, who is best known for his part in the science-fiction TV series Quantum Leap, is Owen’s father and a wonderful family man. His first marriage ended in tragedy due to his hectic work schedule, and his second marriage ended in disaster as well.

Scott’s profession has always been busy, both then and now, which has impacted his personal life. In 2009, the actor married Chelsea Field, a co-star on NCIS: New Orleans, for the second time.

Scott also met Chelsea in 1994, but it took a long time to realise their affections and love for one another. This charming pair is currently living happily together.

Chelsea Field was born in Glendale, California, on May 27, 1957.

  • Masters of the Universe (1987).
  • Harley Davidson.
  • The Marlboro Man (1991
  •  And The Last Boy Scout (1993) is among her credits (1991).

Scott Bakula has been her husband since 2009. They are the parents of two children.

Scott no longer amassed his fortunes on his own. He worked alongside his longer-term wife, who is an actress. She portrays Rita Devereaux, a councilwoman and love pastime for her real-life husband’s character, “NCIS: Special Agent Dwayne Pride,” on “NCIS: Special Agent Dwayne Pride.”

Chelsy Bakula and Cody Bakula, the NCIS: New Orleans star’s children, were born to him and his ex-wife Krista Neumann, whom he married in 1981. Cody is the former couple’s adoptive child. After 1995, they ultimately separated and divorced.

Chelsy Bakula is the first daughter of Scott and his ex-wife, Krista Neumann. She was born in New York on February 22, 1984. Between Scott and Krista, she is the only daughter.

Wil Bakula is another of Scott Bakula’s sons. Unlike his siblings, no information regarding his personal life is available because he keeps his social life hidden from the public eye.

Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula adopted Cody Bakula as a youngster. Cody was given up for adoption in 1991.


Owen Bakula is noted for his ability to dance classically, contemporarily, and classically. With recordings published on Vimeo, the incredible stage performer captured the audience’s hearts.

Nirvana Baker, Owen Bakula’s buddy, worked on a book report for their performing arts school.

Personal life

Owen Bakula is a stunning individual on the inside and out. In terms of his romantic state, Owen appears to be single. The actor has not been linked to anyone in the media.

List of Films & TV shows

Though Owen Bakula is new in the media. He didn’t get any movie offers, or tv show offers. He likes to build his career as a dancer.

Awards & Nomination

Owen Bakula started his career as a classical dancer. He didn’t get any awards or nominations for his works. But we think someday he will be a famous and talented person like his father.

Relationship info

Owen Bakula is new in the media. He loves to keep her love life secret from public platforms.


We didn’t find any controversies about Owen Bakula.

Unknown Facts About Owen Bakula

  • Owen Bakula is a citizen of the United States.
  • Chelsy Bakula, Owen’s sister, had a small part in a 1993 episode of “Quantum Leap.”
  • With over 1170 followers on Instagram, he goes by the handle, @owen Bakula.
  • Owen is a handsome young man with dark eyes and long brown hair.
  • He owns a dog and is a huge animal lover.

Net Worth

Owen Bakula inherits a large sum of money from his family’s fortune. As a television personality and actor, Scott is worth an estimated $16 million and earns $120,000 every episode. Scott is now starring alongside Lucas Black, CCH Pounder, and Rob Kerkovich in the CBS drama “NCIS: New Orleans,” in production.