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French model Pauline Tantot is a rising star on Instagram and a social media influencer. She is well known for posting her curvy, hot, and alluring photographs and videos on several social media sites, including Instagram.

Early life

Pauline Tantot, also known as Pauline, was born on December 24, 1994, in Paris, France. She is of French nationality and is a member of the white Caucasian ethnic group. She has French, Iranian, and Persian ancestry. Capricorn was the sign of the Zodiac on which Pauline Tantot was born, and she identified as a Christian.

Her sister Mathilde Tantot is one of her twins. She is a social media influencer as well as a French model on Instagram. Her Instagram account, @mathildtantot, is where she posts photos of herself in swimwear, fashion, and modeling.


Pauline is an ambitious French modeling star, Instagram model, social media influencer, and Instagram star, according to her professional life. She’s been devoted and a follower of fashion and models since she was a young girl. Her parents supported her as she pursued her dreams as her fame rose and she attracted significant media attention as an Instagram celebrity when she was a teenager.

Pauline was constantly motivated to emulate her older sister Mathilde, who was a role model. She has joined the fashion profession alongside Pauline Tantot, following in the footsteps of her beloved sister. That they compete against the rest of the globe rather than one another is not unexpected. Pauline, on the other hand, began using social media in 2014 and has since become somewhat famous for creating the Instagram account “@popstantot.”

On January 16, 2014, Pauline uploaded the first picture to her Instagram account. She updates her Instagram account with her modeling, fashion, beach, and hot swimming photos and videos. She has amassed thousands of admirers.

In addition to Instagram, Pauline and her sister Mathilde co-founded the swimwear company Khassani Swimwear. She has received tremendous praise, and as a result, the brand has also attracted a lot of attention. She also started the @khassaniswimwear Instagram account for the business. Hundreds of fans have already joined the account. Through, their brands sell a variety of swimwear collections.

Personal life

Pauline has caught the attention of numerous people due to her outgoing personality. Additionally, she is presently dating David Cherize Cote. David is a model as well. A picture of the two of them together served as their Instagram relationship announcement.

Since 2020, the couple has been dating. They connected right away after they first met. They each believe it to be a case of love at first sight. They began dating after realizing that there was an unmistakable connection.

List of movies

Pauline is a rising social media influencer. She didn’t get an offer for any movies. We hope that in the future we will see her in the film industry. She has a very attractive figure & eyes.


Martin Offenstein and Pauline were romantically involved. Martin, a French model who frequently hung out with the twins, is also a model. Pauline and Martin were very secretive about their romantic lives despite frequently posting about their daily lives on Instagram. They appeared to have kept everything about their relationship a secret. The couple then came to the realization that they had too many differences after dating for a short while. When they were unable to come to an agreement, they made the decision to part ways. Pauline is currently dating David Cherize Cote. He is also a model.


There is no controversy about Pauline. She loves to maintain relationships with all other people in her personal & professional life.

Nominations & Awards

Pauline is an influencer. Till now she doesn’t get any nominations or awards for her work.

Net Worth

Reliable sources claim that Pauline is worth between $400k and $600k. Her fame on Instagram and her multiple business endeavors on other social media platforms have largely contributed to her wealth. Pauline also makes a large profit from her Instagram sponsorships; the fees she charges for her sponsorships range between $6475.25 and $9876.75.

Unknown Facts

  • Pauline‘s height is 5 feet 7 inches
  • Pauline‘s weight is 56 kilogram.
  • Pauline enjoys fresh drinks like lemonade and beer.
  • Through her social media channels, Pauline served as a spokeswoman or brand endorser for a number of companies, including Fashion Nova and Bali Body.
  • Pauline has four tattoos on her hand and is a tattoo enthusiast. On her left hand, she has tiny palm trees in her fingers as well as an Arabic word and the word HERE.
  • Pauline is close to Cynthia, a friend who also works as an Instagram model.

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