Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Education, Wiki & More

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Barrister Sumon, whose real name is Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, was born in Bangladesh’s Habiganj District on September 3, 1978. He started his schooling at Chunarughat’s DCP High School. He later attended the University of London to continue his education.

Barrister Suman’s Personal Details:

Full NameSyed Sayedul Haque Suman
BirthdateSeptember 3, 1978
BirthplaceHabiganj District, Bangladesh
Zodiac SignVirgo
OccupationLawyer, Politician, Social Activist
Marital StatusMarried

Barrister Suman’s Physical Stats Details:

Height1.85 m
Weight76 kg
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack

Barrister Suman’s Educational Details:

Educational QualificationGraduate
SchoolDCP High School, Chunarughat
College/UniversityUniversity of London

Barrister Suman’s Family Details:

FatherSyed Ershad Ali (Businessman)
MotherAmbia Begum Chowdhury
SpouseShammi Akhtar (Mrs. Syeda)
ChildrenTwo children

Barrister Suman’s Social Media Profile:

PlatformProfile Handle
FacebookSyed Sayedul Haque Suman

Barrister Suman’s Favourite Things:

Favorite ColorBlue, Red, White, Green
Favorite FoodPizza, Pasta, Healthy options
HobbiesWriting, Traveling, Public Speaking

Barrister Suman’s Net Worth Details:

Net WorthApprox. 7.5 lakh BDT per year
Bank Loans50 Lakh BDT (from multiple banks)


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Barrister Suman’s Born

-On September 3, 1978, in the Bangladeshi district of Habiganj, Barrister Sumon was born.


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Early Life & Education

-In 2004, he enrolled in the University of London to start his academic career.
-Barrister Sumon firmly established his academic goals.
-in 2008 when he enrolled in the City University of London for graduate study.


Barrister Sumon Biography Age Career Lifestyle More 12 1

Entry into Legal Practice

2010 saw Barrister Sumon begin his legal career as an associate of Syed Rezaur Rahman & Associates.


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

International Crimes Tribunal Prosecutor

-In 2012, he became a prosecutor at the International Crimes Tribunals, proving his dedication to justice.


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Ascent to Notoriety on Social Media

-Barrister Sumon became well-known in 2019 as a result of his influential social media presence, particularly on Facebook, where he addressed social concerns and attracted attention.


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Nomination for the National Elections

-Barrister Sumon received a nomination in late 2023 to run as an independent in the 2024 national elections for the Habiganj-4 Constituency.


Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Appointed to the Parliament

-Barrister Sumon won a seat in the Bangladeshi Parliament on January 7, 2024, after winning the national elections.

Cultural Background:

Barrister Sumon started his legal career at Syed Rezaur Rahman & Associates in 2010 and joined the International Crimes Tribunals as a prosecutor in 2012. His commitment to legal endeavors set the stage for his prosperous career.

Influence of Social Media:

Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Barrister Sumon became well-known outside of the courtroom for his influential social media presence, especially on Facebook Live. He gained a significant following by addressing important societal challenges and demonstrating a logical approach and devotion to social concerns.

Ascent to Politics:

Barrister Sumon entered the political sphere in 2023 and received a nomination for the Habiganj-4 Constituency in the national elections of 2024 as an independent candidate. On January 7, 2024, he won and was granted a seat in the Bangladeshi Parliament.

Personal and Family Life:

Barrister Sumon is blissfully married to Shammi Akhtar (Mrs. Syeda), and the two of them have two children. Barrister Sumon was raised by Syed Ershad Ali and Ambia Begum Chowdhury. His personal life balances his political and professional activities.

Overview of Barrister Sumon Football Academy:

Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, also referred to as Barrister Sumon, established the Barrister Sumon Football Academy, which is evidence of his dedication to the growth of sports at the local level. The academy is dedicated to developing young football talent and an enthusiasm for the game, even if specifics on its founding date and location are not given. This is a succinct overview:

  • Goal and Objective: The academy’s goal is to find, nurture, and mentor young football players with promise. Beyond only honing skills, its goal is to inculcate in its players a sense of discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Goals: Find and develop young football players. Instill fundamental principles such as discipline and cooperation. Offer top-notch mentoring and spaces for developing skills. Encourage a love of football and an active lifestyle.
  • Impact on Community: The founding of the football academy is more evidence of Barrister Sumon’s commitment to using sports to improve communities. It adds to the community’s general sports culture in addition to giving young people in the area the chance to play football.
  • Amenities: It is safe to presume that the academy has training grounds, coaching staff, and resources to support the all-around development of aspiring football players, even though specific facilities are not specified.
  • Plans for the Future: The Barrister Sumon Football Academy’s future course could entail growth, involvement in local competitions, and ongoing development of facilities and coaching techniques.

Barrister Sumon’s initiative in starting the football academy demonstrates his love of the game and his larger dedication to using sports to empower young people. Aspiring football players can use the academy as a platform to develop not just their abilities but also important life lessons that they can apply off the field.

Contributions and Legacy:

Barrister Sumon has established himself as a significant figure in Bangladesh thanks to his commitment to social issues, political accomplishments, and self-funded projects including building more than 25 bridges. His varied contributions are still having an effect on the nation’s social, legal, and political climate.

Breakthrough Information Regarding Barrister Sumon:

Barrister Sumon Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More
  1. Non-Smoker and Abstains from Alcohol: By abstaining from alcohol and smoking, Barrister Sumon leads a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Serious Author:
    Barrister Sumon is an ardent writer who showcases his intellectual activities outside of the courtroom, in addition to his legal and political engagements.
  3. Independently Funded Bridge Building:
    His extraordinary projects include directly sponsoring the building of more than 25 bridges, demonstrating his dedication to enhancing accessibility in rural areas.
  4. Net Worth Details: Barrister Sumon has an estimated yearly net worth of 7.5 lakh BDT, and he has several bank loans totaling 50 lakh BDT.
  5. A Variety of Interests:The hues blue, red, white, and green are among his favorites. He has a wide variety of tastes in food, such as pizza, spaghetti, and wholesome decisions.
  6. Identification of Eagle Marka:
    Notably, he was awarded the Eagle Marka, demonstrating his stature and accomplishments in the political sphere.
  7. Founder of the Football Academy: Barrister Sumon founded the “Barrister Sumon Football Academy,” demonstrating his dedication to encouraging sports among young people.
  8. Impact on Electrical and Road Safety:
    His Facebook live broadcasts, which mostly highlight the safety of electrical and road lines, have made a significant impact on public infrastructure.
  9. Logical Approach in Social Media: Barrister Sumon has gained a sizable following and level of involvement thanks to his rational approach to using social media to solve societal concerns.

These little-known details demonstrate the breadth and depth of Barrister Sumon’s accomplishments, presenting a complex person with a variety of passions and significant projects.

In Summary:

Barrister Sumon’s life and career reflect a complex journey characterized by social impact, political success, and legal competence. His early schooling at DCP High School and later studies at the University of London established the foundation for a bright future for this 1978 Habiganj District native.

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