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Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Prominent Bengali actress Idhika Paul has enthralled viewers with her roles in “Pilu” and other noteworthy Tollywood and Dhallywood TV series and movies. She started her career in 2019, and since then, she has proven to be incredibly versatile and nuanced in her performances. Idhika is praised off-screen for her vivacious demeanor and loves to go shopping and explore the outdoors. She approaches life with grace and zest.

Idhika Paul Biography & Wiki

NameIdhika Paul
BirthdateJuly 2, 1998
BirthplaceWest Bengal, India
Zodiac SignCancer

Idhika Paul Physical Stats

Physical AttributeMeasurement
Height (approx.)5ft. 5 in
Weight (approx.)57 Kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack

Idhika Paul educational background:

Educational BackgroundInformation
CollegeK.K. Das College
Educational QualificationsGraduate

Idhika Paul Social Media Profile

FacebookIdhika Paul

Idhika Paul Favorite Things

Favorite AspectDetails
Favorite DestinationMountain Hills
Favorite ColorsBlack, Green, Red
Favorite FoodBengali Food, Ilish Fish
Favorite HobbySpend Time With Nature and Shopping

Idhika Paul Net Worth

Financial AspectAmount
Net WorthINR 1 Crore


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul Born

-Idhika Paul was born on July 2, 1998, in West Bengal, India. From a young age, she exhibited a natural inclination towards the performing arts, hinting at the promising career that lay ahead.


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Television Debut

In 2019, Idhika made her debut in the Bengali television industry with the series “Beder Meye Jyotsna.” Her talent and dedication quickly garnered attention, setting the stage for her rise to prominence in the years to come.


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Television Success

-Continuing to make strides in television, Idhika starred in notable shows like “Kapalkundala” and “Rimli” in 2021. Her compelling performances showcased her versatility as an actress and solidified her position in the industry.

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Silver Screen Breakthrough

In 2023, Idhika ventured into the world of cinema with her debut in the Bangladeshi film “Priyotoma.” The film’s success marked a significant milestone in her career, establishing her as a promising talent in Bengali cinema.

Early Life & Education

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul was raised in an environment that fostered her artistic talents from a young age. She was born on July 2, 1998, in West Bengal, India. She participated in school plays and neighborhood theater productions because of her early passion with performing and storytelling. This basis prepared the way for her future entry into the entertainment sector.

At K.K. Das College, Idhika followed her academic pursuits while juggling her love of acting with her studies. After graduating, she had developed her performance art abilities and acquired a strong educational foundation, setting herself up for a lucrative acting career.


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

2019 marked the start of Idhika’s professional career as she made her television show debut in “Beder Meye Jyotsna,” where she was first seen by Bengali television viewers. Her performances soon attracted the interest of industry insiders and viewers, and she was cast in other hit TV series including “Kapalkundala” and “Rimli.” In the Tollywood and Dhallywood film industries, her versatility was demonstrated via her ability to bring life to a variety of roles.


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika made her screen debut in the highly successful Bangladeshi film “Priyotoma” in 2023, starring opposite Shakib Khan. After then, she carried on adding films to her resume, including the eagerly awaited “Khadaan” and “Kobi” releases. Her roles in movies and television have demonstrated her versatility as she is one of Bengali cinema’s most promising actresses, having acted in everything from modern tales to historical dramas.

2023PriyotomaItiDebut Film; Bangladeshi Film
TBDUntitled FilmTBAFilming

Adaptable Performance

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul’s variety and the depth she gives each role are hallmarks of her acting prowess. Idhika has portrayed a wide range of emotions and identities in anything from historical dramas to mythological shows and modern stories. In addition to winning over audiences, her versatility as an actress has been showcased by her ability to fit into a variety of roles and genres. Her quick ascent within the Bengali entertainment business can be attributed in large part to her adaptability.

TV Shows

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

In “Beder Meye Jyotsna,” Idhika established a solid basis for her television career, which paved the way for her later parts in “Kapalkundala,” “Arabbya Rajani,” and “Rimli.” She was able to showcase several aspects of her acting skills in each performance, such as representing the tenacity of a historical person or the intricacies of a modern woman. Her depiction of the gifted musician Ranjini in “Pilu,” who is entangled in a web of love and fate, enhanced her already established reputation as a captivating actress.

2019Arabbya RajaniRajkumari RaniColors Bangla
2019KapalkundalaPadmabatiStar Jalsha
2019Beder Meye JyotsnaLakkhiSun Bangla
2021RimliRimliZee Bangla
2022PiluRanjini Basu Mallick “Ranja”Zee Bangla

Achievements & Acknowledgment

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul’s career in the entertainment sector is still in its early stages, but her accomplishments to date are impressive. A major turning point in her career was her co-starring role with megastar Shakib Khan in “Priyotoma,” the highest-grossing Bangladeshi film ever. Her performances have won her a devoted following in addition to critical praise. Idhika’s trajectory indicates that she will continue to take on difficult roles and projects, which will lead to even more recognition and success in the television and film industries in the future.

Idhika Paul’s Private Life

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul is renowned for her secrecy, especially when it comes to her personal and love life, despite her growing notoriety. Idhika is a single woman at the moment, and she puts her growing profession in show business first. She has been able to manage the difficulties of celebrity while preserving her feeling of privacy and normalcy thanks to this strategy. Idhika maintains the focus of her public persona on her job and talent by avoiding publicity about her personal life. This tactic has won her respect and appreciation from both peers and fans.

An Inspiring Journey of Talent and Dedication

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul’s journey from her early years in Kolkata, where she dreamed of being on stage and film, to being a well-known figure in Bengali cinema, is proof of what ability, tenacity, and enthusiasm can accomplish. Her career demonstrates her commitment to the acting trade, as evidenced by her standout performances and critical accolades. Idhika’s story is not just about her rise to prominence; it’s also about her ability to bounce back from setbacks and her steadfast dedication to doing her best in whatever task she takes on.

Unknown Information About Idhika Paul

Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More
  • Early Creative Projects: Idhika was actively involved in writing and directing short plays for neighborhood gatherings in her village long before she became well-known. She developed an early awareness of storytelling and character development because to this creative outlet.
  • Talent for Multilingualism: Idhika speaks Hindi and English well in addition to her native Bengali. Her natural ability to transition between languages has made her a sought-after actor for a variety of roles in regional motion pictures.
  • Passion for Classical Dance: Idhika’s passion is classical Indian dance, having trained in it since she was a small girl. Her ability to behave expressively has been enhanced by this discipline, which also helps her stay in touch with traditional Indian art traditions.
  • Animal Welfare Advocate: Her commitment to animal welfare is a little-known facet of her life. Idhika is well-known for volunteering at neighborhood animal shelters and for taking an active part in initiatives that encourage the adoption of stray animals.
  • Eager Reader and Writer: In addition to her work in theatre, Idhika is a passionate reader and writer. She has shown an interest in authoring her own novel someday and is a voracious reader who is frequently spotted holding a book in between photo shoots.
  • Environmental Activism: Idhika utilizes her position to promote sustainable living habits because she is very concerned about environmental issues. She frequently takes part in projects to reduce plastic use and tree planting activities.
  • Music Enthusiast: Idhika is a music enthusiast who finds time to learn an instrument despite her hectic schedule. She is passionate in classical music and is presently learning to play the guitar. She feels that listening to these genres of music keeps her grounded and helps her relax.

These aspects of Idhika Paul’s life demonstrate her complex character and interests outside of the movie industry. Her path demonstrates not only her devotion to her art but also her commitment to self-improvement, volunteer work, and support of causes that are important to her.


Idhika Paul Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Idhika Paul rise in the Bengali entertainment scene is more than just the tale of a gifted actor; it’s also a reflection of her unwavering drive, adaptability, and close ties to her heritage. Her varied appearances in television and movies have demonstrated both her range as an actress and her dedication to her craft. Off-screen, Idhika’s commitment to a range of causes—from environmental activism to animal welfare—reveals a sincere desire to use her position to effect positive change. Her diverse interests in music, literature, and classical dance further highlight the image of an artist who looks for contentment and a way to express herself outside of the spotlight.

As Idhika Paul continues to carve out her career, her story offers hope to others who aspire to artists, demonstrating how success has many facets and may be enhanced by a dedication to social duty and personal development. Her experience serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of talent developed with honesty, integrity, and passion—a power that transcends individual success and has the ability to uplift and impact the larger community. Idhika’s career is something to observe and appreciate since the Bengali entertainment industry has not only found a brilliant star, but also a force for meaningful engagement and cultural development.

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