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Mark Farese, full name Mark Mayor Farese is a well-known American businessman. After appearing in several media outlets across the country to discuss his extensive collection of sneakers, the star rose to prominence. Entrepreneur Mark Farese is well-known. Mark Farese is a member of the prestigious Entrepreneur magazine’s list of influential people.

Early life

In September 12, Mark Farese was born in 1972 at the Bronx, New York. Norma Iris Cotto is his mother’s name, and his father’s name is unknown. When his grandmother and mother purchased him the notorious Air Force 1s, the Sneaker King became enamored with shoes. He rose to prominence after being featured in media outlets across the country discussing his massive collection of sneakers. He is also known as Mayor and Mayor.

Personal life

There is no evidence that Mark Farese has had any previous relationships. According to our investigation, Mark Farese appears to be unmarried and has not previously engaged.


Mark “Mayor” Farese is considered one of the pioneers of the sneakerhead subculture, having dominated the sport for almost three decades. Mayor has a massive collection of 4000 thousand pairs worth over a million dollars. Despite owning and operating a Stadium Status Group marketing organization, he is a brand ambassador for Nike and Sneaker Con. For the Mayor, collecting sneakers is like collecting art and trading stocks at the same time.

Mayor hailed from a humble Bronx upbringing, but growing up so close to the birthplace of hip-hop, sneakers were inexorably ingrained in his identity. His supervillain past suggests that he was mistreated as a child by his mother.

That day, discouraged, he resolved that he’d never be trolled for his kicks again. He’s worked low-wage jobs, borrowed money, and even stolen from his grandfather to ensure he’s always seen in the latest footwear.

Mark sprang to fame after a YouTube video of him bending and creasing the toe box of Jordan Brand’s first-ever collaboration, the Jordan x UNDFTD Jordan IV, went viral five years ago. The classic shoe, restricted to only 72 pairs worldwide and resells for around 25,000 dollars, would naturally be kept in a box or displayed on the mantelpiece by any other collector.

On the other hand, Mark’s team has been through its fair share of adversity. On the other hand, the Mayor had some of the most extraordinary plugs in the business, and he only paid $2,000 for them. And, according to him, if he paid $2,000 for them, he’ll treat them like $2,000 shoes.

The size of Marks’s collection qualifies him as more than a collector; it distinguishes him as a connoisseur. Mark has also owned and worn some of the most coveted sneakers, ranging from player exclusives to pairs worn by friends and relatives.


Though Mark Farese is involved in the business sector, he is not interested in doing any movies.


Entrepreneur Mark Farese keeps his personal and private life hidden. He also keeps details about his married or another relationship status private.


There is no controversy about Mark Farese. He is a clean image person.

Net Worth

Mark Farese’s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $10 million. He has amassed substantial wealth as a result of his prominent career as an entrepreneur. Even so, at his age, it is a sizable amount of net worth.

Unknown Facts

  • Mark Farese had over 15.1 thousand Twitter followers.
  • Mark Farese had approximately 225 Instagram followers.
  • Mark Farese had 2,096 followers on Facebook.
  • Mark Farese’s favorite foods are Deep-Dish Pizza, The Hamburger, Apple Pie, Clam Chowder & Texas Barbecue.
  • Mark Farese’s favorite actresses are Taylor Hill, Gigi Hadid, Lily Collins, Avani Gregg & Baby Ariel.
  • Mark Farese’s favorite perfumes are Chanel no & Jimmy Choo Signature.

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