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Naznin Nahar Niha is a name that has been creating waves and winning hearts in the colorful tapestry of Bangladeshi entertainment. This youthful talent, fondly known as Niha, was born on May 15, 2005, in the culturally vibrant city of Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Naznin Nahar Niha Biography & Wiki

Full NameNaznin Nahar Niha
BirthplaceGazipur, Bangladesh
Active Years2023 – Present
BirthdayMay 15, 2005
Age Now18 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationPursuing Higher Education
School[Update Soon]
CollegeGazipur United College
University[Update Soon]
Home TownGazipur
Current Town[Update Soon]
Residency[Update Soon]

Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Height5 feet, 2 inches
Weight51 KG
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurement(Update Soon)
Body TypeAsian
Skin ToneFair

Family & Relatives

(Update Soon)FatherBusinessman
(Update Soon)MotherHomemaker
(Update Soon)Brother(Update Soon)
(Update Soon)Boyfriend(Update Soon)

Favorite Things of Naznin Nahar Niha

Favorite ActorTahsan Khan
Favorite ActressSadia Ayman
Favorite Travel DestinationKashmir, India
Favorite ColorRed, Blue
Favorite Place in Own CountrySaint Martin, Cox Bazar


Naznin Nahar Niha


Born on May 15, 2005, in Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Parents: Father, a businessman; Mother, a homemaker.


Naznin Nahar Niha

First Steps into Education

Attends her first school in Gazipur.


Naznin Nahar Niha

Aspirations and Education

Shares aspirations while studying at Gazipur United College. Requests prayers for success in upcoming exams.


Naznin Nahar Niha

Debuts, A Year of Milestones & Multi-Talented Star

– Debuts in the Bengali drama “Love Semester.”
– Starts a promising acting journey alongside renowned actor Jovan.
– Works with actors like Musfiq R. Farhan and Tawsif Mahbub.
– Wins the BABISAS AWARD from ATN Bangla.
– Recognized as a multi-talented actress in the industry.

The Early Days

Naznin Nahar Niha

The story of Niha starts in the culturally rich city of Gazipur. Her mother was a housewife, while her father was a businessman. She was born into a Muslim family. Niha’s destiny was obvious from the beginning: glory. But on that May day of 2005, when she made her spectacular entrance into the world, her adventure really took off.

Love Semester – A Debut to Remember

Naznin Nahar Niha

While still a Gazipur United College student in 2023, Niha had her public debut in the Bengali drama “Love Semester.” This was a big turning point in her developing career. Niha, who costarred with well-known actor Jovan, attracted attention with her performance and laid the groundwork for what was to come.

Achievements and Milestones

Naznin Nahar Niha

As Niha’s career progressed, 2023 became apparent as a year of greatness. Among her many accomplishments was working with renowned actors such as Tawsif Mahbub and Musfiq R. Farhan. She received recognition for her talent and hard work when she was awarded the ATN Bangla BABISAS AWARD, the first of many honors to come her way.

Multi-Talented Star

Naznin Nahar Niha

Niha’s flexibility as an actress came to light right away. Acknowledged as a multi-faceted performer, she demonstrated her abilities in a variety of roles, making a lasting impression on the Bangladeshi television drama scene.


Naznin Nahar Niha

Niha’s filmography, which reads like a monument to her dedication and love for the craft, clearly captures her journey. Each endeavor, ranging from “Love Semester” to “My Dear Leader,” “Sweet Problem,” “Onurag,” and “Tomak Chai,” contributed a new dimension to her expanding legacy.

Natok List

Natok TitleYear
Love Semester2023
My Dear Leader2023
Sweet Problem2023
Tomak Chai2023

Personal Life

Naznin Nahar Niha

Niha stays grounded when she is not surrounded by glitz and beauty. She is single as of the most recent update, and she follows her own personal rule of abstaining from alcohol and tobacco in public. In a business that is frequently characterized by excess, her commitment to her profession and her personal convictions set her apart.

Awards and Recognition

Naznin Nahar Niha

The much-coveted BABISAS AWARD was only the start. Because of her talent, Niha was able to secure a position among the stars, and her accomplishments are still widely recognized in the entertainment industry.

Some Unknown Facts About Naznin Nahar Niha

Naznin Nahar Niha
  1. Hidden Talents:
    • Besides her acting prowess, Naznin Nahar Niha is known to possess other hidden talents, making her a multifaceted individual within the entertainment industry.
  2. Advocate for Health:
    • Niha maintains a healthy lifestyle and is an advocate for well-being. She often shares insights into her fitness routine and encourages a balanced approach to life.
  3. Passionate Reader:
    • Beyond the glitz of the screen, Niha finds solace in the world of literature. A passionate reader, she indulges in books that span various genres, showcasing a keen intellectual curiosity.
  4. Behind-the-Scenes Contributions:
    • Niha isn’t just a face on the screen; she actively contributes behind the scenes. Whether it’s script suggestions or creative inputs, she plays a more significant role in her projects than meets the eye.
  5. Social Causes:
    • Despite her young age, Niha is socially conscious and actively supports various charitable causes. Her involvement extends beyond the entertainment world, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact on society.
  6. Educational Pursuits:
    • Niha values education and is dedicated to her academic pursuits. Balancing her acting career with a commitment to learning, she sets an inspiring example for her peers.
  7. Tech Enthusiast:
    • An unexpected facet of Niha’s personality is her interest in technology. She keeps up with the latest gadgets and technological trends, showcasing a modern and tech-savvy side.
  8. Culinary Explorer:
    • Niha has a palate for adventure when it comes to food. She enjoys exploring different cuisines, both in her travels and through culinary experiences at home.


It is evident that Naznin Nahar Niha has a lot of promise and potential as her life unfolds. Niha’s path, from her early years in Gazipur to the glamorous world of Bangladeshi entertainment, is proof of her brilliance, her tenacity, and her sincere passion for her job. As the limelight relentlessly follows her every step, it’s impossible to not wonder what heights this burgeoning celebrity will surely achieve in the years to come. Naznin Nahar Niha is more than simply a name; she is a narrative whose next chapter is anxiously anticipated by readers.

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