Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Family, Instagram, Facebook, Wiki & More

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Bangladeshi multi-talented personality Nusrat Jahan Ontora has enthralled audiences with her charisma and skill. She is a model, actress, and social media influencer who has amassed millions of followers thanks to her stylish choices and interesting material. Ontora is a well-known figure in the entertainment world because of her commitment to her art and her powerful presence.

Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Personal Details:

Personal Details
Full NameNusrat Jahan Ontora
Age22 years
BirthdateJuly 22, 2001
BirthplaceMirpur, Bangladesh
Zodiac SignCancer
OccupationActress, Model, Social Media Influencer
Home TownMirpur, Bangladesh

Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Physical Stats:

Physical Stats
Height5.5 feet (167 cm)
Weight55 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Skin ColorFair
Body MeasurementsSlim (32-26-34)

Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Education:

Educational QualificationGraduate

Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Social Media Profiles:


Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Favorite Things:

Favorite Things
Favorite ColorRed, Black & White
Favorite FoodChocolate Cakes, Sandwich, Pasta, Pizza, Ice Cream
Favorite BeveragesCoffee, Fruit Juice & Mojito
Favorite Holiday Destination PlaceDubai & New York
HobbiesDancing, Gymming, Travelling & Shopping

Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s Net Worth:

Net Worth$500k – $1M
Income SourceModeling & Paid Advertisements


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Born

-In Foridpur, Bangladesh, on July 22, 1999, Nusrat Jahan Ontora was born.


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Career Beginnings

-By sharing a TikTok video, Nusrat gained notice and paved the way for her career in the entertainment sector.


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Rise to Fame & Social Media Stardom

-Her breakthrough came with the short film “Sesh Porinoti,” earning her recognition as a talented actress.
-Through the use of social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Nusrat amassed a massive following and rose to prominence.


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Ongoing Achievement

-With roles in numerous dramas and music videos, Nusrat’s career flourished and she became even more of a rising sensation in Bangladesh.

Early Life and Education:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

In Faridpur, Bangladesh, on July 22, 1999, Nusrat Jahan Ontora was born. She had a natural gift for performance and entertainment when she was younger. Ontora’s early education is not well documented, although it is clear that she had a strong interest in the arts from a young age, which helped shape her future professional aspirations.

Initial Career Steps:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

In 2017, Ontora took a step into the entertainment sector by uploading engaging material on TikTok, her first social media platform. Her natural charisma and talent attracted notice fast, making her a rising celebrity in the internet industry. In addition to her popularity on TikTok, Ontora also dabbled in acting, making her screen debut in music videos and short films where she demonstrated her acting skills and versatility.

Ascent to Stardom:

With her growing following on social media, particularly YouTube and Instagram, Ontora was able to reach a wider audience and enthrall viewers with her lively persona and interesting material. Her commitment to producing engaging and realistic content struck a chord with viewers, quickly propelling her to stardom. Ontora became a well-known figure in Bangladeshi entertainment thanks to her enthralling performances and appealing demeanor.

Short Videos:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Through her roles in a number of short films, Nusrat Jahan Ontora has significantly impacted the Bangladeshi cinema industry. Among her well-known creations are:

Short Film TitleYear
Sesh Porinoti2017
Tomar Joto Raag2018
Janeri Jan2018
Pagol Ami2018
Bhalobeshe Dile Faki2020
Ustha Babu2019
Ekoi Pothe Cholnare2019
Ami Valo Nei2020
Bhalobasha Jay Sokolke Biswas Kora Jay Na2019
Tor Monta Amay De2019
Pagol Bole Loke2019
Pori Tare Chai2019
Aage Jodi Jantam Re Bondhu2020

Soundtrack Videos:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

In a number of music videos, Nusrat Jahan Ontora has also adorned the screens, her fascinating performances lending depth and heart to the stories. Well-known music videos she has appeared in are:

Music Video TitleYear
Ek Sundori Maiyaa2018
Ki Maya Lagaili2019
Tor Monta Amay De2019
Ekoi Pothe Cholna Re2019
Moner Moddhe Mon Lagaiya Thako2019
Bhalobasi Khodar Kosom2020
Toke Ami Khuje Firi2020
Bhalobese Dile Faki2020
Oniyomer Niyom2020
Amar Mone Jare Chay Se To Bojhena2020


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

In the world of television dramas, Nusrat Jahan Ontora has also left her mark, exhibiting her range as an actress and winning praise for her compelling roles. Her well-known dramas are:

Drama TitleYear
I Love You2020
Choto Bou2020
Bhai Bhai2020
Bou Chai Jamai Chai2020
Gift Natok2020
Babu Baby2020
Best Friends Natok2020
Amar Mone Jare Chay2020
Mr. & Mrs. Viral2020
College Love 22020
Bou Shashurir Juddho2021
Sampatti O Biye2021

Nusrat Jahan Ontora has cemented her position as a well-known personality in the entertainment world by showcasing her versatility, talent, and commitment to her art via her work in dramas, music videos, and short films.

Personal Life:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Despite keeping most of her private affairs quiet, Nusrat Jahan Ontora gained notoriety on August 12, 2022, when she wed Rakib Hossain. This occasion provided a unique window into her personal life, in contrast to her custom of keeping such things private.


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Even with her great popularity and success, Nusrat Jahan Ontora has not been exempt from criticism. She has been the target of scrutiny and criticism, like many famous people, especially in the very public domain of social media. Online arguments and conjecture over Ontora’s private life are only a few of the difficulties she has faced. She has, nevertheless, continuously shown grace and resiliency in handling these issues, concentrating on her work and staying true to herself in the midst of the chaos.

Certain Social Projects:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Nusrat Jahan Ontora is actively engaged in charitable activities that try to improve society in addition to her work in entertainment. She has supported a number of social causes, including as environmental preservation, women’s emancipation, and education, by using her position and power. Through altruistic gifts, public awareness initiatives, and community through outreach initiatives, Ontora hopes to improve society and empower underprivileged communities.

Style Influencer and Fashion Icon:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Jahan Nusrat Ontora has become recognized as a style icon and influencer due to her sense of style and sense of fashion. She has enthralled audiences and established fashion trends in Bangladesh and abroad with her excellent taste, fashion-forward ensembles, and carefree grace. Whether she’s strutting the red carpet or posting casual outfits on social media, Ontora radiates refinement and confidence, encouraging her legions of admirers to embrace their unique sense of style and use clothing as a vehicle for self-expression.

History and Significance:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Nusrat Jahan Ontora was a leader in the digital era whose effect extends beyond the entertainment industry, permanently altering popular culture and motivating a new wave of influencers and content producers. Her capacity for Her unmatched skill and adaptability, together with her ability to connect genuine with audiences, have cemented her place as a cultural legend. With her innovative performances, humanitarian work, and fashion influence, Ontora will leave a lasting legacy that will shape the entertainment industry’s future and have a lasting effect on society for years to come.

Social Media Presence:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Through her social media presence, Ontora connects with her ever-expanding fan base and provides a platform for self-expression and creativity. She uses her platform and millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to interact, motivate, and amuse her audience. Sharing glimpses of her day-to-day activities and endorsing Ontora is a social cause advocate and multifaceted person, and her online persona reflects this unwavering authenticity and support for brands.

Achievements in the Profession:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora has received praise for her services to the entertainment business over her career. Ontora’s career is characterized by a number of noteworthy accomplishments, ranging from receiving recognition for her work in short films to working with well-known companies and performers. Her reputation as one of Bangladesh’s most well-known and powerful figures has been cemented by her adaptability as an actress, model, and social media influencer.

Ongoing Development and Upcoming Expectations:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

Nusrat Jahan Ontora is dedicated to taking advantage of new chances and pushing limits in her job as she continues to grow professionally. She has the natural ability, commitment, and love of storytelling, which will allow her to succeed in new endeavors and leave a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. While she makes her way forward All throughout the world, aspiring artists and content creators find inspiration in Ontora’s path.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora enjoys gaming, dancing, and traveling in addition to her professional pursuits. She frequently shares tidbits of her experiences and passions with her audience. Her interests reflect her colorful personality and give her online identity more nuance.

The Following are Some Obscure Details Regarding Nusrat Jahan Ontora:

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More
  1. Initial TikTok Career: Nusrat Jahan Ontora began her career as an actress and model, although she first gained popularity as a TikTok video creator. These were her first attempts at using social media to get recognition and grow her fan base.
  2. Desire to Be Fit: Beyond her career in show business, Nusrat Jahan Ontora has a strong interest in physical fitness. She makes time for consistent exercise, yoga practises, and upholding a healthy lifestyle, all of which she frequently shares with her followers as models of holistic wellbeing.
  3. Business Initiatives: Nusrat Jahan Ontora is an actress and model who has a successful career. She has also dabbled in business. Her company was founded by a “Sunflower by Nusrat,” a clothing line that showcases her astute sense of fashion.
  4. Mental Health Advocate: Ontora is a strong proponent of mental health awareness and the de-stigmatization of conversations about mental health. She encourages her followers to prioritize mental health by sharing positive, resilient, and self-care messages on social media.
  5. International Reach: Nusrat Jahan Ontora is most known in Bangladesh, but she has a large international fan base that comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her sympathetic substance and general appeal have made her recognized internationally, despite her geographic limitations.
  6. Preservation of the Environment: Ontora has a strong commitment to environmental preservation and actively backs programs that do the same. She frequently makes use of her position to spread the word about important environmental concerns and inspires her audience to incorporate sustainable habits into their everyday life.
  7. Creative Ability: Nusrat Jahan Ontora is not only a skilled actor and model, but she also has artistic interests. She uses painting, drawing, and experimenting with different mediums to express herself and decompress.
  8. A Passionate Zookeeper: Because of her great affection for animals, Nusrat Jahan Ontora routinely speaks out in favor of animal care and rights. She aggressively encourages her followers to adopt pets responsibly and to adopt from shelters.

These less well-known aspects of Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s life are a reflection of her wide range of interests, her steadfast commitment to charitable causes, and her complex nature outside of the entertainment industry’s spotlight.


Nusrat Jahan Ontora Biography, Age, Wiki & More

In summary, Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s rise from an emerging star to a well-known figure in the entertainment sector is attributed to her adaptability, commitment, and broad appeal. Her ascent to stardom via Instagram and TikTok opened the door for a lucrative career in acting, modeling, and social media influence. Even though Ontora keeps her personal life secret, her influence as a fashion icon, charitable work, and career accomplishments have cemented her place as a popular figure in Bangladesh and beyond. Nusrat Jahan Ontora is still a source of encouragement for young artists and a shining example of success in the entertainment industry thanks to her unwavering dedication and passion.

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