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On May 1, 2012, in the center of Bangladesh, beneath the warm embrace of Dhaka’s sun, Simrin Lubaba—a name that reverberates throughout the entertainment industry—was born. This energetic young artist has made an unforgettable impact in the worlds of modeling, acting, and more, winning over hearts with her contagious grin and surpassing the limitations of age.

Simrin Lubaba Biography & Wiki

Full NameSimrin Lubaba
ProfessionChild Model, Actress, and influencer
Date of birth1 May 2012
Age Now11 Years (updated on 2023)
Zodiac Sign(Update Soon)
Family LegacyGranddaughter of “Ma Quader”
Acting DebutIn a popular television drama series named “Cholo Ek Hoi”
Modeling StartAt the age of eight
PhilanthropyInvolved in child welfare and education causes
ContactAvailable for professional inquiries and collaborations via email

Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Height4 feet 11 inches
Hip Size20 Inches
Weight45 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Shoe Size(Update Soon)

Family & Relatives

Family MemberRelationshipRole in Simrin’s Life
Shafiul AzamFatherProviding Support and Guidance
Jahida IslamMotherNurturing and Supporting
Sadman EhsasElder BrotherSibling Bond, Supportive
Abdul Kader (Dada)Late GrandfatherSource of Inspiration and Influence, Guiding Presence
Ma QuaderGrandmotherFamily Matriarch, Supportive Figure
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend(Update Soon)
Recently Relationship Status(Update Soon)

Educational Background

SchoolBAF Shaheen English Medium School (SEMS)
Grade/ClassCurrently in the sixth grade
Academic FocusBalancing education with a career in the entertainment industry
AchievementsGold & Runner-up Trophy in an annual sports event at SEMS

Social Media Profiles

Social Media PlatformHandle/Username
FacebookClick Here
InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
TikTokClick Here

Lubaba’s Favorite Things

Favorite StarsTanjin Tisha, Mosharraf Karim, Hande Ercel, Joey King
InterestsTraveling, Dancing, Singing, Reading, Acting
Favorite ColorsNot specified
Favorite Natok/Film“Cholo Ek Hoi” (Television Drama Series), “Netri – The Leader” (Film)
Favorite Quote“Kende Diyechi” (As mentioned on TV, cleared the thought on media)
Favorite ActivitiesYoga, as seen in images
Philanthropic InterestsChild welfare and education causes


simrin lubaba picture 1


Simrin Lubaba enters the world on May 1, 2012, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Her parents, Shafiul Azam and Jahida Islam, welcome their second child, laying the foundation for a life filled with passion and talent. The Lubaba legacy begins.


simrin lubaba

First Steps into Education

Lubaba takes her first steps into the world of education, embarking on her academic journey at an early age. The budding star joins BAF Shaheen English Medium School, setting the stage for a balanced blend of learning and creativity.


simrin lubaba with her grandfather

Grand Father’s Influence

Following the passing of her grandfather, Abdul Kader, in 2020, Simrin Lubaba’s journey takes a poignant turn. Dada’s influence becomes a guiding force, shaping Lubaba’s entry into the entertainment industry and igniting her passion for the arts.


simrin lubaba best child model

Best Child Model

At the age of 10, Lubaba receives the “Best Child Model” award, a significant accolade that catapults her into the limelight. Her natural talent and photogenic charm captivate the industry, marking the commencement of a flourishing career.


simrin lubaba

Rising Star

The year 2022 sees Lubaba’s star rise higher as she clinches the “Rising Star Award.” Her versatility and talent in both modeling and acting gain recognition, solidifying her position as a sought-after young artist.


simrin lubaba Acting Debut and Dual Triumph

Acting Debut and Dual Triumph

In 2023, Lubaba makes her acting debut in the popular television drama series “Cholo Ek Hoi,” earning critical acclaim for her performance. This year proves to be a turning point as she secures dual triumphs with the “Young Talent of the Year” and “Influencer of the Year” awards.

Early Beginnings and Family Ties

simrin lubaba with her mother

The story of Simrin starts in the vibrant metropolis of Dhaka, where she set foot in a world that would soon welcome her with open arms. Her life was paved with passion and talent by her parents, Shafiul Azam and Jahida Islam. But what ignited her creative spark was her relationship with her late grandfather, Abdul Kader, a notable figure in Bangladeshi entertainment.

Growing up in the warm embrace of her family, Simrin Lubaba, or just “Lubaba” as everyone calls her, was inspired by her grandfather. She was raised with the arts as the foundation of her family’s legacy, which shaped the way she saw the world.

The Developing Star: Acting and Modeling

simrin lubaba

Lubaba entered the modeling industry at the tender age of eight. Her inherent talent and charm made her the talk of the town, drawing the attention of well-known companies and photographers. From Samsung to Bata shoes, Lubaba’s visage came to represent grace and elegance.

The praises came in short succession. She won the “Best Child Model” award in 2021 when she was just 10 years old, which launched her incredible career in the entertainment business. The world watched as Lubaba climbed the success ladder with grace, first taking home the “Rising Star Award” in 2022 and then gaining the titles of “Influencer of the Year” and “Young Talent of the Year” in 2023.

Lights, Camera, Action: Lubaba on Screen

simrin lubaba

Lubaba made her acting debut in the popular television drama series “Cholo Ek Hoi” in 2023, and the small screen greeted her with open arms. Her interpretation of the roles she played won her praise from critics and made her a young actress with promise in Bangladesh’s entertainment industry.

However, Lubaba’s voyage transcends all of that. She quickly entered the world of movies, making her breakthrough in “Netri – The Leader” and landing a part in the next Wazed Ali Sumon film, “Chaya.”


2023Cholo Ek HoiTelevision Drama SeriesNot specifiedActing debut with critical acclaim
2023Netri – The LeaderFilmNot specifiedActing in a notable film
2023Shaya (Upcoming)FilmParwaUpcoming film produced by Wazed Ali Sumon

Beyond the Spotlight: Lubaba’s Philanthropic Ventures

simrin lubaba beyond the spotlight

While Lubaba is the center of attention, compassion for the underprivileged beats in her heart. Lubaba is deeply committed to philanthropy, particularly in the areas of child welfare and education. She makes good use of her expanding platform to spread awareness and improve society.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Lubaba persevered and used social media to produce outstanding coverage for Channel I, demonstrating her dedication to changing the world even in the face of adversity.

Many Facets of Talent: Beyond What Is Seen

Lubaba is a multifaceted person with skills that go beyond acting and modeling; she is more than simply a pretty face on film. An experienced tourist, she has traveled abroad on modeling assignments, experiencing many cultures via the viewfinder of her camera.

Her hobbies include acting, singing, dancing, and reading. They read like a vibrant creative palette. Whether she’s performing on stage, exhibiting her dance skills or her melodic vocals in cover songs, Lubaba’s love of life is evident in her performances.

The Lubaba Legacy: Grandfather’s Influence


Known to Lubaba as “Dada,” the late Abdul Kader left a lasting legacy that Lubaba gladly accepted. She started appearing in front of the camera at the young age of four, and her career took off after she appeared in a Bata shoe advertisement.

Dada’s humorous parts on television served as Lubaba’s launching pads. With his support, she conquered her early anxieties and became a young artist with a distinct style. Even if Dada isn’t physically there, his impact is felt throughout Lubaba’s journey, serving as a beacon of hope in the entertainment industry.

Aspirations & Dreams: Unveiling Lubaba’s Future

Lubaba’s path is a picture filled with the colors of hopes and desires, not just a history of past accomplishments. After Dada passed away in 2020, people started to notice this rising star. Lubaba’s dreams unfurled like petals, displaying her aspirations to become a judge, an actor, and, more recently, a doctor.

Academic Prowess: Balancing Education and Stardom

Lubaba manages to fit in the demands of education despite the lights and cameras. She is a sixth grader at BAF Shaheen English Medium School, and she is a perfect example of how to reconcile her schoolwork with her growing profession. Honors like the “Rising Star Award” in 2022 and the “Best Child Model” award in 2021 attest to her ability to move between the two worlds with ease.

Simrin Lubaba's Awards

Simrin Lubaba’s Awards

2021Best Child ModelModeling
2022Rising Star AwardModeling and Acting
2023Young Talent of the YearOverall Entertainment Career
2023Influencer of the YearSocial Media Impact

International Travel and Cultural Immersion

With stamps from several nations on her passport, Lubaba has a global presence in the modeling industry. She immerses herself in many cultures and uses her lens to capture the spirit of her experiences, going beyond the glamour of fashion shows. Lubaba’s travels are an investigation of diversity and a celebration of the beauty inherent in our shared humanity, not merely business ventures.

Social Media Power: Lubaba’s Online Presence

simrin lubaba

Lubaba is a digital force in the social media era, not just a name on a screen. She has a sizable following across a number of platforms, and she moves about the virtual world with ease while interacting with her audience. Her adeptness on social media is evidence of her capacity to engage with followers worldwide as well as her popularity.

Family Ties and Emotional Bonds

Family is more than simply a network of support for Lubaba; it’s her anchor. Every smile, every performance, every charitable endeavor—especially the one she had with her late grandfather, Abdul Kader—reflectes the strong emotional connection she has with her family.

Some Unknown Facts About Simrin Lubaba

simirn lubaba
  • Multilingual Abilities: Simrin Lubaba may have proficiency in multiple languages, given her exposure in the entertainment industry and her education in an English medium school.
  • Early Education Balancing Act: Lubaba’s early education has been balanced with her career from a young age, showcasing her exceptional time management skills and dedication.
  • Influenced by Grandfather: Her late grandfather, Abdul Kader, has been a significant influence on Lubaba. This familial connection to the arts provided her with unique insights and experiences in the entertainment industry from a very young age.
  • Philanthropic Interests: Despite her young age, Lubaba is actively involved in philanthropy, especially in child welfare and education. This indicates a social consciousness and a desire to give back to the community.
  • Aspirations Beyond Acting: Lubaba’s interests extend beyond the entertainment industry. Her contemplation of pursuing a career as a doctor or a judge in the future showcases her academic aspirations and ambition to make an impact in diverse fields.
  • Social Media Savvy: With a significant following on various social media platforms, Lubaba adeptly uses these platforms to engage with her audience. This skill is notable, especially considering her young age.
  • Personal Interests: Lubaba’s personal interests include traveling, dancing, singing, and reading. These hobbies contribute to her development as an artist and reflect a well-rounded personality that values continuous learning and exploration.
  • Favorite Stars: Lubaba has expressed admiration for stars such as Tanjin Tisha, Mosharraf Karim, Hande Ercel, and Joey King.


Simrin Lubaba’s path is more than just a tale of achievement; it’s a continuous story of passion, tenacity, and unwavering pursuit of ambitions. Lubaba’s legacy is still being created as she graces screens, enthralls audiences, and leaves a lasting impression on the entertainment business. Even though she is still young, her story demonstrates that, when it comes to leaving your impact on the world, age really doesn’t matter. Simrin Lubaba is a philanthropist, rising star, and wanderer over the world and a source of inspiration for upcoming artists everywhere The world is waiting impatiently for each new chapter in her story, which is still being written.

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