Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Height, Education, Lifestyle, Movie, Net Worth, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Since 2006, Zayed Khan, an actor from Bangladesh, has made appearances in more than 25 movies. In addition to acting, he is a significant member of the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association and the Awami League. Internationally renowned for his humanitarian endeavors, Zayed perseveres in the face of adversity while making contributions to public service and film.

Zayed Khan Personal Details:

Full NameMd. Zahirul Haque
NicknameZayed Khan
BirthdateJuly 30
BirthplacePirojpur District, Bangladesh
OccupationFilm Actor, Producer
Active Years2006–present
Zodiac SignLeo

Zayed Khan Physical Stats:

Physical StatsMeasurements
Height6 feet 1 inch (185.52 cm)
Weight80 kg
Eye ColourDark
Hair ColourBlack

Zayed Khan Educational Details:

Alma MaterDhaka City College
Dhaka University (Claimed attendance)
Higher EducationAttended Dhaka University (Claimed) after
Higher Secondary Examination

Zayed Khan Family Details:

Family MemberDetails
FatherAl-Haj M. A. Hoque
MotherMrs. Shahida Hoque (Ratna Garva awardee)
Brother(s)-Sahidul Haq Mintu,
-Wabdul Haq Pintu
SisterNot specified
Marital StatusUnmarried

Zayed Khan – Social Media Profiles:

FacebookZayed Khan’s Facebook
IMDbZayed Khan(II)

Favorite Things of Zayed Khan:

Favorite ActorSalman Khan
Favorite ColorsBlack & White

Zayed Khan Net Worth:

YearNet Worth (Approx.)
20242.13 Million USD
20231.91 Million USD
20221.7 Million USD
20211.49 Million USD
20201.28 Million USD


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan Born

-On July 30, 1984, Md. Zahirul Haque, who would later go by the name Zayed Khan, was born in Pirojpur, Bangladesh.


zayed khan Biography Age Wiki More

Infancy & Acting Debut

-Born and raised in Dhaka, Zayed first attended Dhaka City College before enrolling in Dhaka University’s postsecondary program.
-His career in the film business began in 2006.
Bhalobasha Bhalobasha” (2006): Zayed Khan began a prolific cinematic adventure with his acting debut in the film “Bhalobasha Bhalobasha” in 2006.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

As the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association’s leader & Politics

Zayed was appointed general secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association in May 2017.
-Zayed Khan actively participates in the Awami League’s central subcommittee, aligning himself with the organization.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Controversies and Challenges

-Zayed Khan had to deal with issues including being suspended by the Film Artists’ Association and receiving a bad welcome at a global gathering.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Global Acknowledgment

-‘Humanitarian’ Award (2024):** Zayed Khan won the US “Humanitarian” award in July 2024 in recognition of his work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Md. Zahirul Haque, often known as Zayed Khan, was born on July 30, 1984, in Pirojpur, Bangladesh. He grew up in a setting rich in culture. Values instilled by his parents, Al-Haj M. A. Hoque and Mrs. Shahida Hoque, would influence his future pursuits. After finishing his Higher Secondary test, Zayed claimed to have attended Dhaka University. His educational path first took him to Dhaka City College. 2021 saw the passing of his mother, Mrs. Shahida Hoque, who was awarded the “Ratna Garva” gold medal. Her death came one year after his father’s.


The year 2006 saw Zayed Khan make his cinematic debut with the release of “Bhalobasha Bhalobasha,” which launched an amazing career. He made a name for himself in the Bangladeshi film business quite rapidly by acting in a variety of genres. Fans were drawn to Zayed’s versatility, which he displayed in everything from action-packed movies like “Dabang” to romantic dramas like “Mon Chuyeche Mon.”

His participation in the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association, where he served as general secretary, gave his profession an additional level of accountability. Zayed Khan kept working in the sector, taking on tasks that broadened and challenged his creative portfolio, even in the face of controversy within the organization.

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

The Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association’s Leadership:

Zayed Khan rose to the rank of General Secretary in May 2017 within the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association, a significant body that advocates for the rights of regional filmmakers. With 279 votes against Amit Hasan’s 145, Khan triumphed, demonstrating his popularity and credibility in the film industry.

On January 28, 2022, Zayed Khan achieved a similar victory when he was elected the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association’s General Secretary once more. He received 176 votes, more than his rival Nipun Akter (163 votes). The victory celebration, however, was short-lived as accusations of vote-buying emerged, causing further issues.

The appeal board invalidated Zayed Khan’s candidacy and proclaimed Nipun Akter as the rightful winner in response to evidence of voting for cash. These incidents signaled a tumultuous time in Khan’s organization leadership and sparked debates about the fairness and integrity of the election procedure.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan’s extensive career demonstrates his versatility in handling a wide range of roles and characters. “Nagar Mastan,” “Antor Jala,” and “Mujib: The Making of a Nation” are a few important movies. His career in the film business is a testament to his devotion to both entertaining people and conveying tales that have an impact on viewers in Bangladesh and abroad.

Zayed Khan Filmography Details:

2008Bhalobasha BhalobashaMohammad HannanDebut Film
2008Jomidar Barir MeyeAzizur Rahman
2009Kajer ManushMontazur Rahman Akbar
2009Mon Chuyeche MonBijoyMustafizur Rahman Manik
2009Paap Er PrayaschittaM M Sarkar
2010Amar Swapno Amar SongsharF I Manik
2010Mayer ChokhMontazur Rahman Akbar
2010Rikshwalar CheleMontazur Rahman Akbar
2011Goriber BhaiP A Kajol
2011Amar Prithibi TumiGazi Mahbub
2011Bangla BhaiMonowar Khokon
2012AtmogoponM M Sarkar
2014Odrishiyo SatruJubayerMashroor Parvez, Akib Parvez
2014Prem Korbo Tomar SatheShadhinRakibul Alam Rakib
2014DabangAzadAzad Khan
2014Toke Bhalobashtey HobeRajuRaju Chowdhury
2014My Name Is SimiMontazur Rahman Akbar
2015Bhalobasha SimahinShah Alam Mondal
2015Nagar MastanInspector ZayedRakibul Alam Rakib
2017Antor JalaAlalMalek AfsaryFirst Produced Film
2019Protishodher AgunBiplobMohammad Aslam
2023Mujib: The Making of a NationTikka KhanShyam Benegal
TBABahaduri (Not released yet)Shafiq Hasan[12]
TBABiye Holo Bashor Holo Na (Not released yet)Rakibul Alam Rakib
TBAMoner Raja (Not released yet)Rakibul Alam Rakib
TBAHridoy Chowa Bhalobasha (Not released yet)Mostafizur Rahman Babu
TBAPolice Babu (Not released yet)Taju Kamrul
TBAKhoto (Not released yet)ManchhuShamim Ahamed Roni[13]
TBAEk Koyedir Diary (Not released yet)Malek AfsaryAlso Producer

Appearance on Television:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan has a history in the TV business; he appeared in the program “Tobuo Protikkha.” His foray into television gives his career a new facet and demonstrates his adaptability in both the film and television industries.

Television Appearances:

Tobuo ProtikkhaNot specified

Overview of Film Producer Zayed Khan:

Zayed Khan has pursued a career in film production in addition to acting. “Antor Jala” (2017), which was directed by Malek Afsary, is one of his notable productions. He was still producing the next movie, “Ek Koyedir Diary.” The fact that Zayed is now producing shows how dedicated he is to playing a variety of parts in Bangladeshi cinema.

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More
YearFilm TitleRoleDirector
2017Antor JalaProducerMalek Afsary
2023Ek Koyedir Diary †ProducerMalek Afsary

Participation in Politics:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan’s involvement goes beyond the boundaries of the film business and into Bangladesh’s political sphere. He takes great pride in belonging to the Awami League, one of the nation’s most well-known political parties. Zayed also has a prominent role in the party as a member of the central cultural subcommittee.

His political participation demonstrates a deeper dedication to societal and cultural advancement. Zayed Khan integrates himself into the political debate by affiliating with the Awami League and making contributions to the party’s cultural subcommittee, with the objective of advancing Bangladesh’s cultural fabric.

Achievements and Acclaim:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

For his services, both on and off screen, Zayed Khan has won praise. His humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic were recognized by the “Humanitarian Focus Foundation” and the “Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research,” which bestowed upon him the esteemed “Humanitarian Leadership Award.” The United Nations Headquarters hosted the award presentation.

Zayed Khan – Awards:

YearAward TitleCategory
2024Humanitarian Leadership AwardContribution During Pandemic

Controversial Incidents:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Unexpectedly, Zayed Khan became embroiled in controversy when the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association briefly revoked his membership. Among the accusations were remarks that contravened the association’s charter, specifically Section 7 (ka). The executive committee made the choice; the advisory board and legal advisor needed to be consulted before a final decision could be made.

Pistol Incident Alleged:

In a stunning turn of events, Zayed Khan found himself in the center of controversy after it was claimed that, at a wedding, he threatened fellow actor Omar Sani with a firearm. Zayed Khan, on the other hand, angrily refuted the accusations, declaring that their chats had been normal and that the report was untrue.

Latest Advancements:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

The recent casting of Zayed Khan as Tikka Khan in the biopic “Mujib: The Making of a Nation” has created excitement and highlighted the actor’s range. The film provides insight into the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and was produced in collaboration between Bangladesh and India.

Disruption by Crowd at US Event:
It was during the Dhallywood Film and Music Awards in New York City that Zayed Khan encountered an unanticipated and impolite incident. He was heckled and jeered by thousands of spectators as he left the stage, which was somewhat sudden.

A hostile environment:
The evening, which had been eagerly awaited, took a bad turn when Zayed Khan revealed that he would be performing with Priyo Moni. The event organizer tried to calm things down, but the aggressive environment persisted.

Violent Attempt to Proceed:
Relentlessly, Zayed Khan tried to turn things around by performing a song with Priyo Moni. But the heckling and jeering intensified, and Khan was forced to end his performance early and exit the stage due to the disruptive behavior.
Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Acknowledgment in the US:

Zayed Khan’s list of achievements was augmented by recognition that extended beyond Bangladesh. During the worldwide award ceremony held at the UN Headquarters, he was recognized in the United States with the “Humanitarian” award by two groups, which recognized his contributions to harmony, peace, and sustainable development.

Upcoming Projects:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Zayed Khan continues to work in the film industry in spite of the controversy. The actor’s impending roles in “Bahaduri” and other films, like “Biye Holo Bashor Holo Na” and “Khoto,” demonstrate his dedication to his work and his ongoing impact on Bangladeshi cinema.

Zayed Khan is a vibrant and powerful figure in the entertainment and humanitarian sectors, as evidenced by his diversified career, international recognition, and involvement in a number of projects.

Zayed Khan’s Little-Known Facts:

Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More
  1. Educational Background: Zayed Khan has a history degree from the University of Dhaka, demonstrating his interest in academia outside of his film endeavors.
  2. Late Arrival at the Movies: In contrast to many actors who begin their careers early, Zayed Khan made his film debut in 2006 with the release of “Bhalobasha Bhalobasha.”
  3. Member of the Cultural Committee: Zayed Khan’s interest in political and cultural activities is evidenced by his active membership in the Awami League’s central culture subcommittee, in addition to his positions in the film business.
  4. Family Relationships: In Zayed Khan’s life, his family is very important. He was profoundly affected by the quick deaths of both his mother and father.
  5. Suspension from Film Association: Due to the difficulties and scandals that can come with being a public personality, Zayed Khan was suspended from the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association.
  6. International Recognition: The actor’s lesser-known charitable side is highlighted by his winning the US ‘Humanitarian’ award for his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. Participation in Politics: Zayed Khan is not just an actor in movies; he is also a political activist who supports the Awami League and participates in its culture subcommittee.

These little-known details illuminate facets of Zayed Khan‘s life and career that may not be well-known, giving depth to his public character.


Zayed Khan Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Prominent character in Bangladeshi cinema, Zayed Khan has had a big influence on the industry as well as off screen. Khan’s career demonstrates his commitment and adaptability, from his early days in movies like “Bhalobasha Bhalobasha” to his rise to prominence in the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association.

His entry into politics, his affiliation with the Awami League, and his leadership positions in the film association demonstrate his dedication to making a difference outside of the entertainment industry. But recent events, like his expulsion from the Film Artists’ Association and the contentious reception at a global gathering, have complicated his public persona.

One positive part of Zayed Khan’s image is demonstrated by his acknowledgment on the international scene, such as his receipt of the ‘Humanitarian’ award. Whatever his taste in food from Dhaka or his love for Salman Khan, intimate facts provide the public a glimpse into the person behind the star.

In conclusion, Zayed Khan’s professional background, personal decisions, and public image all contribute to a complex story that offers opportunities for further investigation and development in the entertainment sector as well as wider society domains.

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