Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Photo, Wiki & More

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Arohi Mim, an actress and social media influencer from Bangladesh, rose to prominence on YouTube by appearing in several short films, including “School Gang,” and lending her voice to the “Dhaka to Khulna Song” music video. Arohi is still a rising star in the digital entertainment industry thanks to her expanding TikTok fan base and partnerships with well-known YouTubers.

Arohi Mim’s Personal Details:

Full NameMahbuba Islam Simanto
Known AsArohi Mim
Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More
BirthplaceDhaka, Bangladesh
BirthdateFebruary 12, 2004
Age19 years
OccupationActress, Model, TikTok Star
Zodiac SignAquarius

Arohi Mim’s Physical Stats:

Height5’4″ (1.63 m)
Weight43 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Arohi Mim’s Education Details:

SchoolHoly Cross College, Dhaka
UniversityStamford University Bangladesh
Educational QualificationCurrently studying

Arohi Mim’s Favorite Things:

HobbiesDancing, Shopping, Travelling
Favorite PlaceHometown
Favorite FoodBiryani, Pizza
Favorite ColorWhite

Arohi Mim’s Social Media Profiles:

PlatformUsernameFollower Count
IMDbArohi Mim


Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Arohi Mim Born

-Dhaka, Bangladesh is the birthplace of Arohi Mim, real name Mahbuba Islam Simanto.


Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Early Life & YouTube Debut

-Arohi balances her academic goals with her burgeoning job by attending Holy Cross College in Dhaka. She goes on to Stamford University Bangladesh to finish her education.
-Arohi makes her YouTube debut, appearing in prank films with Miraz Khan and becomes well-known for her lighthearted and playful side.


Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Continues Journey In Short Films

Pasher Basar Cute Meye Arohi showcases her acting skills in this short film.
-Choddobeshe Prem She keeps traveling, making contributions to a variety of genres in short films.
Hello Beainshab and “Alpo Boyoshe Biye“: Arohi makes a name for herself as a lead actress on YouTube through a series of short films.


Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Ventures Into Paid Promotions,

-Arohi’s career changes course as she works with companies in the culinary, beauty, and fashion sectors on sponsored promotions.

Early Life and Birth:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Born on February 12, 2004, in the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Arohi Mim is a young and talented model, actress, and social media influencer. Her birth name is Mahbuba Islam Simanto. Her early years were spent in the busy streets of Dhaka, where she fell in love with the performing arts and entertainment.

Arohi showed early evidence of a natural talent for self-expression and creativity. She grew up in Dhaka, navigating Bangladesh’s rich cultural tapestry and finding inspiration in the many customs and tales that she encountered. Her future pursuits in the field of content creation were made possible by this early exposure.

Academic Interests:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Arohi was able to manage her academic interests and obligations in the midst of her rapidly growing job. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she also started a learning adventure while attending Holy Cross College in Dhaka. Arohi is a student at Stamford University Bangladesh, where she is pursuing her passion for content production while navigating the academic world.

Arohi’s distinct viewpoint has been developed by the combination of academic discipline and artistic inquiry, which adds to the relatability and authenticity of her online persona.

Identity and Cultural Origins:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Early Arohi Mim’s life was strongly influenced by Bangladesh’s rich cultural legacy. It’s safe to say that her upbringing in vibrant, diverse, and traditional Dhaka has inspired her artistic interpretations. Her identity is deeply woven into the vibrant tapestry of Bangladeshi culture, complete with festivals, music, and storytelling.

Personal Information and Accomplishments:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

She has become a rising celebrity in Bangladesh’s entertainment industry at the age of 19. Around 2020, Arohi made her social media debut on YouTube, where she worked with Miraz Khan to display her skills in a variety of practical joke videos, earning the nickname “Prank King.”

Career on YouTube and Content Creation:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Arohi became well-known very fast thanks to her YouTube channel, where she works with well-known Bangladeshi YouTubers, particularly Prank King. Her material mostly consists of romantic love story-themed productions and prank films. Arohi has become well-known in the Bangladeshi entertainment and YouTube communities thanks to her lively personality and interesting material.

Short Drama:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

The talented Bangladeshi actress Arohi Mim displays her skills in small screen films as well as social media. Arohi offers her charm and acting skills to the drama world with prominent roles in the Bangla New Natok series and other short films, including “Pasher Basar Cute Meye,” “Choddobeshe Prem,” and “Alpo Boyoshe Biye.” Her dynamic appearance and engaging performances in these short films have made her increasingly well-known in Bangladesh’s drama business.

Filmography Table for Arohi Mim:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More
2021School GangShort Film
2021Dhaka to Khulna SongMusic Video
2020Pasher Basar Cute MeyeShort Film
2020Choddobeshe PremShort Film
2020Hello BeainshabShort Film
2020Alpo Boyoshe BiyeShort Film

Influence of Social Media:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

Arohi has a strong online presence across a number of social media networks. With 690K Instagram followers, 6.7 million TikTok followers, and a sizable 799K Facebook following, she has successfully engaged with a wide range of people. Her reputation as a social media influencer has been cemented by her capacity to produce interesting and accessible material.

Further Information About Arohi Mim:

Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More
  1. Diverse Ability: Arohi Mim is known for her dance abilities in addition to her roles as an actress and content provider. Her diverse skill set goes beyond the computer screen; she is adaptable in a range of creative pursuits.
  2. Collaborative Spirit: Arohi Mim has a reputation for being a cooperative person. In addition to her well-known partnerships on YouTube, she has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, promoting a feeling of community within the Bangladeshi entertainment sector.
  3. Silent Regarding Family: Arohi posts a lot of information about her work life on social media, but she usually keeps information about her family private. Fans can concentrate on her artistic creations because of the mystique this discretion adds.
  4. TikTok Stardom: Arohi’s rise to fame on the platform is evidenced by her 6.7 million followers. Her rapid rise to popularity on the network has been greatly aided by her brief yet captivating videos.
  5. Educational Pursuits: Arohi is actively continuing her study at Stamford University Bangladesh, despite her rapidly growing job. This emphasis on academics demonstrates a desire to advancement on both a personal and professional level.
  6. Prankster Roots: Prank videos were Arohi’s first exposure to the internet. These early projects, particularly “Prank King,” show off her lighthearted and playful side, which can come as a surprise to many who only know her from her acting and modeling roles.
  7. Recognition Across Boundaries: Arohi Mim’s impact extends beyond Bangladesh. Her material has become internationally recognized, drawing in a wide range of viewers who are captivated by her distinct fusion of realism and fun.
  8. Favorite Food Selections: While Arohi’s fondness for pizza and biryani is widely known, little is known about her particular tastes or her go-to versions of these meals. It would be interesting for fans to guess if she prefers standard flavors or unusual twists.
  9. Style and Fashion: Arohi Mim has a keen sense of style that goes beyond her career in advertising. She frequently displays her personal style when working with fashion industry businesses; this may involve a blend of traditional Bangladeshi clothing and modern design trends.
  10. Milestone Honors: Although specific honors are not mentioned, Arohi’s journey probably has some significant turning points and successes. Any noteworthy honors or recognitions she has acquired over her career may pique the interest of her fans.


Arohi Mim Biography, Age, Wiki, & More

In conclusion, Mahbuba Islam Simanto, better known by his stage name Arohi Mim, is a rising figure in Bangladeshi entertainment. Arohi’s journey, which began with her amusing prank films and ended with her being a social media phenomenon, demonstrates her adaptability and commitment. She balances her studies at Stamford University Bangladesh and offers a special blend of relatability and talent to her writing. Her partnerships, dancing prowess, and global influence make her a force to be reckoned with. Arohi’s growth-oriented approach and captivating material guarantee her sustained influence on the entertainment scene in Bangladesh. This promising young talent has a bright future ahead of her.

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