Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Education, Net Worth, Viral Video, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Multifaceted talent Shanti Rehman is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is well known for her dynamic presence in fashion modeling and her enthralling dance performances. Having had a profound love of the performing arts since an early age, she has made a name for herself as a content creator, enthralling viewers with her imaginative and emotive narrative. Shanti continues to be a source of inspiration despite difficulties and conflicts because she personifies commitment, fortitude, and the strength of following one’s passions.

Shanti Rehman Biography & Wiki

Personal DetailInformation
NameShanti Rehman Nazia
BirthdateApril 6, 2003
BirthplaceDhaka, Bangladesh
Age20 years
OccupationDancer, Model
Zodiac SignAries

Shanti Rehman Physical Stats Details

Physical StatsMeasurement
Height5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Weight57 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Shanti Rehman Education Details

Level of EducationInstitutionRemarks
School & CollegeViqarunnisa Noon School & CollegePursued academic studies while honing dancing skills

Shanti Rehman Social Media Profile


Shanti Rehman Favorite Things List

Content CreatorFK, Shikhon Rahman
FoodFuchka, Fast Food, Burger
ColorRed, Black
HobbiesDancing, Content Creating

Shanti Rehman Estimated Net Worth

CategoryEstimated Amount/Details
Net Worth1 Lakh BDT
Sources of IncomeDancing, Modeling, Content Creation, Brand Endorsements


Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman Born

Shanti Rehman was raised by her loving family in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and from an early age, she demonstrated a passion for dancing.

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Early Life & Career Beginnings

-She balanced her love of dance with her academic education at Viqarunnisa Noon School & College.
-Shanti experimented with modeling and content creation once her self-taught dancing abilities became well-known.

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Social Media Presence & Brand Ambassadorships

-Shanti interacted with a broad audience by using social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, exhibiting her talent and inventiveness.
-She increased her reach by accepting positions as a brand ambassador for well-known businesses like @chillox.burgers and @pizzafromdiggger.

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Controversy & Modeling Ventures

-Shanti was the subject of a viral video controversy that sparked discussions regarding online privacy and celebrity scrutiny.
-She took a chance on modeling, using her training in dance to make herself a sought-after presence in the fashion world.

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More


-Shanti perseveres in her trade in the face of adversity, motivating others with her love of dancing and dedication to social empowerment.

Early Life

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

On April 6, 2003, Shanti Rehman was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, into a middle-class family that was encouraging. Her mother is a police officer, while her father is a well-known kidney expert. Shanti’s family encouraged her inherent gift for dancing from an early age. Her love of dance and movement was fostered during her upbringing, providing the groundwork for her future artistic career.


Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti continued her academic studies at the esteemed Viqarunnisa Noon School & College in Bangladesh. She balanced her studies with her love of dance, even though she was a committed student and kept improving her dancing. This time in her life demonstrated her self-control and commitment, as seen by her scholastic and artistic success.


Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

After embracing her love of dance, Shantan became a self-taught dancer renowned for her emotive performances and versatility. She experimented with several dance forms, enthralling spectators with her elegance and proficiency. Her abilities went beyond dancing, as she also dabbled in fashion modeling. Her captivating appearance and engaging demeanor made her a sought-after model for many designers and fashion houses. Shanti’s versatility and versatility in the entertainment industry are demonstrated by her ability to switch between dancing and modeling with ease.

Shanti’s Dancing Passion

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman’s love of dancing, which she developed at a young age and refined over years of intense practice, is a fundamental part of who she is. She enthralls spectators with her graceful and accurate movement, skillfully fusing passion and passion. Her path as a self-taught dancer demonstrates her steadfast devotion to her craft, and her skill and tenacity serve as an inspiration to others.

Influence of Social Media

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

In addition to her career in theater and modeling, Shanti became well-known on social media. She engaged a broad audience by offering captivating content by utilizing her ingenuity and expressive nature, dancing, fashion, and personal thoughts videos and posts. Many people connected with her content, which helped her gain a sizable following and inspire both fans and aspiring artists. Shanti’s position as a brand ambassador for well-known businesses like @chillox.burgers and @pizzafromdiggger is another proof of her impact and capacity to help firms she cares about expand and get recognition.

Personal Life

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman Nazia values her close-knit family’s support in her personal life, particularly that of her brother Shikhon Rahman, who has been instrumental in her quest. She maintains a balance between her public image and her personal happiness as a fitness model and graphic designer in her partnership with Nahid Khan. Shanti practices charity outside of the spotlight, demonstrating her dedication to give back to the community. Her private life is a harmonious expression of love, social responsibility, and family values.

Ventures Into Modeling

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman’s venture into modeling represented a pivotal expansion of her artistic endeavors, seamlessly transitioning her expressive grace from the dance floor to the fashion runway. Her years of performing dance not only polished her poise and confidence but also made her a natural in front of the camera, quickly turning her into a favorite among fashion brands and designers. Her ability to embody a wide spectrum of styles, from the elegance of traditional wear to the boldness of contemporary fashion, has established her as a versatile figure in modeling. This adaptability, coupled with her striking looks, has facilitated collaborations with various clothing, beauty, and lifestyle brands, enhancing her presence in the fashion industry.

Beyond mere modeling, Shanti has embraced the role of a brand ambassador, leveraging her widespread popularity to advocate for brands she aligns with. This role has broadened her impact, allowing her to infuse her work with empowerment and positivity, thereby extending her influence beyond the entertainment sphere into social empowerment. Shanti Rehman’s modeling career is not just about showcasing fashion; it’s a platform for inspiring change and encouraging a new generation to pursue their dreams with dedication and versatility, proving that boundaries in career and creativity are there to be transcended.

Controversy Surrounding Shanti Rehman

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

Shanti Rehman Nazia was in the center of a scandal when an allegedly pornographic video featuring her went popular on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. Widespread discussions on consent, privacy, and the difficulties public figures have online were spurred by this episode. It brought attention to how intrusive celebrity culture is and how vulnerable personal privacy is in the internet age. Shanti’s tale highlights the significance of maintaining ethical standards and protecting people’s privacy in internet interactions, even in the face of controversy.

Here are a few lesser-known details about Shanti Rahman

Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More
  • Self-Taught Success: Despite lacking official dancing training, Shanti’s commitment and self-control have allowed her to become an expert in a variety of dance forms, demonstrating the value of tenacity and independent study in the arts.
  • Family Ties in Art: She emphasizes the value of family in both personal and creative development through her close relationship with her brother, Shikhon Rahman, which extends beyond familial ties to include mutual artistic endeavors and support.
  • Commitment to Community: Shanti’s involvement in humanitarian endeavors goes beyond her job in entertainment and demonstrates her strong desire to give back to her community. It also reflects the altruistic attitude that drives her life away from the spotlight.
  • Diverse Talent: Shanti is well-known for her dancing performances, but she has also made waves in other sectors thanks to her forays into fashion modeling and social media influence.
  • Influential Role Model: Shanti uses her position as a brand ambassador for well-known companies to promote brands, highlighting the importance of influencers to the growth and success of companies.
  • Private Life Under the Spotlight: Despite her public profile, Shanti maintains a reasonably private relationship with her lover, Nahid Khan, striking a balance between her personal privacy and the interests of the public.
  • Educational Balance: Shanti is a prime example of striking a balance between schooling and pursuing one’s passion, having succeeded in both her artistic and intellectual undertakings from a young age at Viqarunnisa Noon School & College.
  • National Pride: Shanti inspires new artists all around Bangladesh with her accomplishments and her status as a well-known personality in the entertainment sector.

These little-known details provide a richer picture of Shanti Rehman, revealing her to be more than simply a gifted dancer and model, but also a complex person who has a strong bond with her family, her community, and her work.


Shanti Rehman Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Wiki & More

In sum up, The path of Shanti Rehman is a prime example of the transformational power of willpower and self-control, especially in the arts where success doesn’t always depend on formal training. Her dedication to learning different dancing styles on her own emphasizes how important it is to be persistent and self-motivated when following one’s passions. In addition, Shanti’s strong relationship with her brother Shikhon Rahman not only provides emotional support but also encourages artistic cooperation, underscoring the importance of family relationships in fostering artistic development.

Shanti’s commitment to community service goes beyond her entertainment industry and shows her sincere desire to have a positive influence outside of the spotlight. Her humanitarian endeavors highlight her selfless spirit and dedication to giving back to the community. She successfully represents a variety of businesses as a brand ambassador, emphasizing the crucial part influencers play in contemporary marketing tactics. Shanti maintains a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives despite her public presence. She respects her privacy and engages with her audience while maintaining a level of maturity.

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