Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth, Wiki & More

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Solaiman Shukhon is a well-known influencer, corporate leader, and motivational speaker from Bangladesh who is renowned for his thought-provoking presentations and astute strategic observations. Despite coming from modest beginnings, he has become an inspiration to millions of people with his strong speech and commitment to empowering others. Shukhon has a varied background that includes both corporate work and motivational speaking. She has shaped better futures for both communities and individuals.

Solaiman Shukhon Biography & Wiki

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameSolaiman Shukhon
BirthdateFebruary 20, 1980
BirthplaceJessore Cantonment, Jessore, Bangladesh
OccupationMotivational Speaker, Digital & IoT Professional, Vlogger
Zodiac SignPisces
Home TownJessore, Bangladesh

Solaiman Shukhon Physical Stats

Physical StatsMeasurement
Height5 feet 7 inches (174 centimeters)
Weight74 kg
Chest Size40 inches
Waist Size32 inches
Biceps14.5 inches
Shoe Size10 US
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark

Solaiman Shukhon Education Details

Highest DegreeMBA
SchoolAdamjee Cantonment Public School
CollegeAdamjee Cantonment Public School & College
UniversityUniversity of Dhaka

Solaiman Shukhon Family Details

Father’s NameAbdul Wadud
Mother’s NameSamsun Nahar Khandakar
Brothers’ NamesKhandakar Rayhan, Osman Imon
Sisters’ NamesShoheli Parvin, Chameli Parvin
Marital StatusMarried
WifeSayra Begum
ChildrenDaughter: Najla Wafa

Solaiman Shukhon’s Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Link/Handle

Solaiman Shukhon’s Favorite Things

Favorite ThingsDetails
Favorite FoodRice, Biriyani, Sweet
Favorite ActorBlue, Gray, White
Holiday DestinationLondon
HobbiesWriting, Training, Travelling

Solaiman Shukhon’s Net Worth

Net WorthDetails
Net Worth$0.2 Million


Solaiman Shukhon Biography Age Career Wiki More 5

Solaiman Shukhon Born

-February 20, 1980, was Solaiman Shukhon’s birthdate in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.


Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Early Life

– Graduated from Chittagong Cantonment College with an HSC and Muslim Modern Academy with an SSC. – Enrolled at Bangladesh Naval Academy in 2000.
– 2005 saw the recipient of an MBA from the University of Dhaka’s Institute of Business Administration (IBA).


Solaiman Shukhon Biography Age Career Wiki More 7

Entry into Corporate World

-He joins British American Tobacco, marking the beginning of his professional journey.
-Transitioned into motivational speaking alongside his corporate career.
-Captivated audiences with powerful speeches and insightful perspectives.
-Conducted numerous sessions at universities, seminars, and workshops.


Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Venturing into Marketing

-Shukhon transitions to the telecommunications industry, joining Banglalink as Head of Market Research.
-Held various positions in esteemed organizations such as Banglalink, Elite Mobile, and aamra Networks Ltd.


Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Position at Nagad

– Named Chief Public Affairs Officer.
– Persists in empowering others by giving inspirational talks.
– Is essential to boosting productivity and motivation inside the company.

Early Years

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

In Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh, on February 20, 1980, Solaiman Shukhon set out on his quest. Encountered in a middle-class household at birth, he was confronted with the difficulties of limited resources promptly. Shukhon was born with a strong sense of perseverance and determination from his parents, even in the face of adversity.

He went to Jalalabad Cantonment Public School for his early learning, starting his educational path with great enthusiasm. Eventually, he finished his HSC at Chittagong Cantonment College and his SSC at Muslim Modern Academy. After pursuing higher education, he was accepted into the University of Dhaka’s esteemed Institute of Business Administration (IBA), where he graduated with an MBA in 2005.


Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Shukhon has demonstrated his work ethic and tenacity via his career path. When he first entered the business sector. In 2005, he made his first foray into the business sector by joining British American Tobacco. He shown his proficiency in marketing and strategic planning by holding a number of positions at prominent companies over the years, including Elite Mobile, Banglalink, and aamra Networks Ltd.

In addition to his business pursuits, Shukhon became well-known in Bangladesh as a motivational speaker. His persuasive talks and perceptive viewpoints struck a chord with audiences in workshops, seminars, and universities. With his messages of accomplishment, perseverance, and tenacity, he inspired countless others.

Intimate Life

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Sayra Begum, a former Grameenphone officer, was the source of affection and camaraderie for Solaiman Shukhon in his personal life. They have a daughter named Najla Wafa together, and they are proud parents. Shukhon values spending time with his loved ones and prioritizes family time despite his hectic schedule ones.


The impact of Solaiman Shukhon goes beyond his career accomplishments. He is revered as a source of inspiration and hope for Bangladesh’s young people. He has inspired people to overcome challenges and passionately and resolutely follow their dreams through his inspirational talks and inspiring life story.

Shukhon’s influence goes well beyond a boardroom or performance space. He has created a culture of quality, ingenuity, and endurance that has left an enduring impression on society. Future generations will be motivated by his legacy, which will help to create a more hopeful and independent Bangladesh.

A Motivational Speaker’s Role

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Motivational speakers, such as Solaiman Shukhon, are essential in encouraging people to change for the better. With their stirring speeches and gripping stories, they hope to inspire inspiration, foster self-assurance, and promote personal development. Motivational speakers inspire audiences to overcome obstacles, establish lofty objectives, and tenaciously pursue their dreams by sharing their own experiences, perceptions, and success tactics. Ultimately, a motivational speaker’s job is to ignite a paradigm change in people’s thinking, assisting them in reaching their greatest potential and experiencing more fulfillment in life.

Impact on Nagad

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Nagad, a prominent payment service in Bangladesh, has experienced a significant impact from Solaiman Shukhon’s motivational speaking engagements. Not only do his inspirational talks invigorate and inspire staff members, but they also cultivate an environment of optimism, ingenuity, and cooperation within the company. Shukhon equips Nagad’s staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome hurdles, rise to challenges, and pursue greatness in their professions by sharing insightful ideas and tactics for both personal and professional improvement. As a result, Nagad becomes a stronger player in the financial services sector and enjoys increases in productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall success. Solaiman Shukhon continues to inspire change and lead Nagad to new heights of success and innovation through his charismatic leadership.

Exploring Solaiman Shukhon’s Multifaceted Persona

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Renowned for his inspirational talks and powerful leadership, Solaiman Shukhon portrays a complex character that lives well behind closed doors. Shukhon’s public persona enthralls audiences, yet underneath the surface, his character has fascinating depths that are sometimes overlooked. Outside of the spotlight, Shukhon is a passionate explorer who is always looking for exhilarating experiences like spontaneous hikes and outdoor adventures like camping and rock climbing. His adventurous nature is a source of inspiration for people who share his enthusiasm for discovery, in addition to enriching his own life.

Shukhon is devoted to sustainability and environmental awareness in addition to his daring endeavors. Engaging in environmentally conscious activities such as planting trees and beach clean-ups, Engaging in environmentally conscious activities such as planting trees and cleaning up beaches, he exhibits a strong sense of duty and care for the environment. His support of environmental preservation demonstrates his compassion and the significance of protecting the environment for coming generations.

Moreover, Shukhon’s enthusiasm for culinary arts contributes an additional facet to his character. He enjoys touring local food markets and trying with other cuisines because he is fond of sampling the delectable cuisines of other civilizations. In addition to developing his love of food, his culinary explorations help him build relationships and a sense of solidarity. Through his varied hobbies and interests, Solaiman Shukhon reveals himself as a complex person whose life is enhanced by a deep love of travel, activism, and tasting new foods.

The Following Are Some Obscure Details Regarding Solaiman Shukhon

Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More
  • Business in its Early Years: During his college years, Solaiman Shukhon experimented with entrepreneurship before pursuing a career in business. He displayed his early entrepreneurial zeal by starting small-scale businesses like selling handcrafted products and planning neighborhood gatherings.
  • A Love of Reading: Shukhon’s interest for books extends beyond his work pursuits. He reads a lot and takes pleasure in discovering new literary genres, including classic and modern works. His motivating talks frequently incorporate themes and sentiments influenced by his love of books.
  • Environmental Advocacy: Solaiman Shukhon is a fervent supporter of sustainability and environmental preservation. He takes an active part in neighborhood cleanup projects, tree planting programs, and education campaigns to encourage environmentally friendly behaviors and safeguard the ecosystem for upcoming generations.
  • Unknown Skills: Apart from his proficiency in public speaking and business, Shukhon also has latent abilities in a number of artistic fields. He has a talent for painting and sketching, and in his free time he frequently uses visual arts to express his creativity.
  • Charitable Pursuits: Shukhon is devoted to community involvement and philanthropy despite his hectic schedule. In an effort to positively influence society outside of his line of work, he frequently donates to nonprofits and supports educational programs for disadvantaged kids.
  • Research in Cuisine: Chef Solaiman Shukhon is a passionate food enthusiast who loves experimenting with different recipes and cooking methods. His social media followers are encouraged to experiment with new tastes and culinary customs by his frequent sharing of his culinary exploits.
  • Curious Person: Outside of his work obligations, Shukhon is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who likes hiking, trekking, and discovering the beauties of nature. His love of life and openness to trying new things are evident in his adventurous nature.

These little-known details reveal Solaiman Shukhon’s complex nature and highlight his wide range of passions, interests, and accomplishments outside of the public eye.


Solaiman Shukhon Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

In sum up, Solaiman Shukhon‘s life is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and purpose. From his humble beginnings to his current status as a revered motivational speaker and corporate leader, Shukhon’s journey has inspired countless individuals to strive for greatness and make a positive impact on the world. His unwavering commitment to empowerment, coupled with his diverse talents and philanthropic endeavors, continues to shape a brighter future for Bangladesh and beyond. As he continues to inspire and uplift others with his wisdom and compassion, Solaiman Shukhon’s legacy will endure as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

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