Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Work, Life, Wiki & More

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Khaled Muhiuddin is a well-known writer and journalist in that country. After graduating from Dhaka University, he went on to Westminster University in the UK to obtain an MA. After working as a journalist for a while, covering legal issues and natural resources, Khaled joined Independent Television as an executive producer. For seven years, he was the host of the chat show “Ajker Bangladesh”.

Khaled Muhiuddin Personal Details:

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameKhaled Muhiuddin
BirthplaceDhaka, Bangladesh
BirthdateSeptember 16, 1974
OccupationJournalist, Writer
Zodiac SignVirgo
Home TownComilla (Ancestral residence)

Khaled Muhiuddin’s Education:

GraduationDhaka UniversityYear
MA in Mass CommunicationWestminster University, UK2003–2004

Khaled Muhiuddin family details:

RelationFamily MemberAdditional Information
SelfKhaled Muhiuddin
SpouseFarhana ShawonMarried on 2 February 2001.
Occupation: IFIC Bank officer.
ChildDaughterNot specified.
Ancestral OriginAncestral ResidenceComilla. Ancestral residence details not specified.

Khaled Muhiuddin Social Media Profile:

LinkedInKhaled Muhiuddin
FacebookKhaled Muhiuddin

Khaled Muhiuddin’s Net Worth:

YearNet Worth
2020$299 Thousand
2021$349 Thousand
2022$399 Thousand
2023$449 Thousand
2024$499 Thousand


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography Age Worklife Wiki More 4

Khaled Muhiuddin Born

September 16 is Khaled Muhiuddin’s birthday in Dhaka.
-Khaled’s family roots are in Comilla, although he spends his early years in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Got Married

-Khaled Muhiuddin starts a new chapter in his life on February 2, 2001, when he marries Farhana Shawon, an employee of IFIC Bank.


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Educational Goals: Westminster University, UK and Dhaka University

-Khaled is a graduate of Dhaka University’s Department of Mass Communication and Journalism.
-teaches part-time at Jahangirnagar University and Dhaka University.
-From 2003 to 2004, earns an MA from Westminster University in the United Kingdom.


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

International Visitor Leadership Program & World Bank Consultancy

-Participates in the International Visitor Leadership Program in the United States, representing Bangladesh as a journalist.
-Works as a World Bank consultant from 2008 to 2009, contributing insights into economic development and international finance.


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Current Role: Head of Bengali Section at Deutsche Welle

-Assumes the position of the Head of the Bengali section at Deutsche Welle, a Germany-based international broadcaster.

Infancy and Matrimony:

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Khaled Muhiuddin was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on September 16, 1974, and grew up in Comilla. He started a new chapter in his life in 2001 when he wed IFIC Bank officer Farhana Shawon. Living together in Mirpur, Dhaka, the couple has raised a family with their daughter.

Academic Interests:

Following his scholastic path, Khaled Muhiuddin attended Dhaka University and earned a degree in mass communication and journalism there. This basis prepared the way for his subsequent pursuits. His scholastic credentials were further enhanced in 2003–2004 when he graduated with an MA from Westminster University in the United Kingdom.

Introduction to Journalism:

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

When Khaled first began his journalism career, he covered legal court cases and natural resources for Prothom Alo. His editorial skills at Dhakai Thaki included planning and editing, demonstrating his versatility in a variety of media.

Editorial Expertise: He demonstrated a strong grasp of content curation and narrative during his time at Dhakai Thaki, extending his editorial skills to planning and editing. His work as a message editor at further shown his adaptability to the ever-changing online journalism scene.

Career in Television and Talk Show Presenting:

Khaled Muhiuddin broke into the television industry as an executive producer at Independent Television. He became a well-known media figure after hosting the popular chat show “Ajker Bangladesh” for seven years.

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

International Experience and Scholarly Input:

Through the International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States, Khaled was exposed to several countries during his travels. His dedication to teaching was demonstrated by his part-time teaching positions at Jahangirnagar University and Dhaka University, where he also co-authored communication theory textbooks.

Literary Ventures and World Bank Consultancy:

In order to broaden his impact, Khaled worked as a consultant for the World Bank from 2008 to 2009, providing analysis on international economic growth. His writing career took off at the same time, and he released nine volumes in a variety of disciplines, including travelogue and communication theory.

Achievement in Finance:

Proven financial growth over the years, as seen by his rising net worth, demonstrates not just his professional accomplishments but also his sound financial management, highlighting Khaled Muhiuddin’s influence and stature in his industry.

Published Books:

With Professor ASM Asaduzzaman, Khaled Muhiuddin co-wrote two textbooks on “Concept of Communication” and “Communication Theory” among his nine published books.

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Khaled Muhiuddin’s Published Books:

TitleGenreCo-Author(s)Additional Information
Communication IdeasCommunicationN/A
Communication TheoryCommunicationProfessor ASM AsaduzzamanCo-authored with Professor ASM Asaduzzaman.
Some of MeAutobiographyN/A
A Millennium Previous StoryFictionN/A
One Day of AminullahFictionN/A
1419 – StorybookFictionN/A
Human WeaknessFictionN/A
Travelogue ‘Tittha Moment’TravelogueN/A
Control C Control VNon-FictionN/A

Current Leadership Role:

Khaled Muhiuddin is currently the Head of Deutsche Welle’s Bengali division, a multinational media conglomerate headquartered in Germany. This senior position demonstrates his expertise and impact in the international media arena.

Personal Life:

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

The family life of Khaled Muhiuddin is somewhat secretive, with few specifics being widely available to the public. On February 2, 2001, he wed Farhana Shawon, an officer of the IFIC Bank. The pair possesses a daughter. Khaled Muhiuddin’s ancestry originates in Comilla. The family has maintained a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives while residing in Mirpur, Dhaka.


According to the information that is currently accessible, Khaled Muhiuddin is not involved in any noteworthy controversies. His varied responsibilities, exposure to other countries, and contributions to academia and literature have all defined his journalism and media career. But it’s crucial to remember that certain information about a person’s life, particularly when it comes to scandals, can alter and might not be completely revealed in the public domain.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Khaled Muhiuddin:

Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More
  1. Magistrate Experience: In the early stages of his career, Khaled Muhiuddin held the position of a magistrate after passing the BCS examination of the Bangladesh Government Work Commission. This legal role provided him with a unique perspective before delving deeper into journalism.
  2. International Leadership Program: Khaled Muhiuddin participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program in 2006, which signifies his dedication to enhancing international understanding and collaboration in the field of journalism.
  3. Textbook Authorship: Apart from his journalistic and media roles, Khaled co-authored textbooks on communication theory. Two of these textbooks, “Concept of Communication” and “Communication Theory,” are actively used as educational resources at Dhaka University and Barisal University.
  4. Executive Producer in Television: Before becoming a prominent talk show host, Khaled Muhiuddin served as an executive producer at Independent Television, contributing behind the scenes to the production and content of programs.
  5. Seven-Year Tenure: Khaled Muhiuddin’s dedication to Independent Television is highlighted by his seven-year tenure as an executive producer. This extended period showcases his commitment and impact within the private television channel.
  6. Online News Agency Role: He took on the role of a message editor at, an online newspaper and private news agency. This experience in the digital realm underscores his adaptability to evolving media landscapes.
  7. World Bank Consultancy: Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Khaled contributed as a consultant to the World Bank from 2008 to 2009. This lesser-known aspect of his career reflects his involvement in international development projects.
  8. Global Recognition at Deutsche Welle: While leading the Bengali section of Deutsche Welle, Khaled Muhiuddin contributes to the global media landscape. His role may not be as widely recognized as some other positions, but it underscores his influence beyond regional boundaries.
  9. Family Life: Specific details about Khaled Muhiuddin’s family life, such as the number of children and more personal anecdotes, remain relatively undisclosed in the public domain, maintaining a level of privacy.

These lesser-known facts offer a more nuanced understanding of Khaled Muhiuddin’s varied experiences, from legal roles to international programs and behind-the-scenes contributions in media.


Khaled Muhiuddin Biography, Age, Worklife, Wiki & More

Khaled Muhiuddin is a well-known writer and journalist from Bangladesh who has contributed to a number of media outlets. Having worked as an executive producer at Independent Television for seven years, he has a background in journalism. He was also the host of the well-liked conversation show “Ajker Bangladesh.” Through US initiatives like the International Visitor Leadership Program, Khaled has had exposure to a global audience.

He is a prolific writer, having co-authored textbooks on communication theory in addition to his nine published works. Khaled Muhiuddin, who is currently Head of Deutsche Welle’s Bengali division, has had a huge influence on Bangladesh’s media scene during his varied career.

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