Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Salary, Wiki & More

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1980, Zaheed Sabur is a technological visionary whose father was a professor at King Faisal University. When Zaheed was eight years old, he and his family moved back to Bangladesh, where he enrolled in Monipur High School in Dhaka. His early education at Oxford International School served as the catalyst for his innate curiosity, which he now harbors with a special focus on electronics.

Zaheed Sabur Personal Details:

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameZaheed Sabur
BirthdateNot Available
BirthplaceSaudi Arabia
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionDistinguished Engineer, Senior Director at Google
CountryCurrently in Switzerland

Physical Updates for Zaheed Sabur:

Height6.2 inches
Weight72 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Zaheed Sabur Education:

Schooling– Monipur High School, Dhaka
– Oxford International School, Dhaka
UniversityAmerican International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
DegreeB.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Engineering
Graduation YearNot specified
Academic AchievementCGPA 4.00 (Record in AIUB’s history)

Zaheed Sabur Family Details:

Family MemberRelation/RoleProfession
Update SoonFatherBackground in teaching at King Faisal University, KSA
Lutfunnessa BegumMotherFormer Principal of Patuakhali Govt. Women’s College
Hélène RochatSpouseUpdate Soon

Social Profile For Zaheed Sabur:

Social PlatformProfile URL

Favorite Things Of Zaheed Sabur:

Music GenreJazz
Book GenreScience Fiction
Movie GenreMystery/Thriller
Travel DestinationSwiss Alps
HobbiesElectronics tinkering, Reading

Zaheed Sabur Net-Worth:

Net Worth$1.5 billion (hypothetical)

Please note that this information is fictional and should be verified with up-to-date and reliable sources for accuracy.


Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Zaheed Sabur Born

-Born in King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, where his father was a professor.


Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Come Back To Bangladesh

-when he was eight years old and started school at Monipur High School in Dhaka.
-Continued his education by transferring to Oxford International School in Dhaka.


Zaheed Sabur Biography Age Boyfriend wiki more

Academic Acheivement

-Attained an exceptional CGPA of 4.00 while pursuing academic studies at the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). The student received a B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Engineering.


Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Started His Career As A Software Engineer

-began working on Google’s backend system development project as a software engineer, first in the Bangalore, India, office and then at the California office.


Zaheed Sabur Biography Age Boyfriend wiki more 7

Achieved a Significant Career Milestone

-Got elevated to the Director position at Google, marking a major career milestone.
-promoted to Director and Principal Engineer in Google’s Zurich headquarters.


Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Continue With Zaheer’s Acheivement

-Works at Google as a Senior Director and Distinguished Engineer, contributing to several transformative ideas including the Next Generation Assistant.

Academic Prominence:

When Zaheed was pursuing a B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Engineering at the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), his academic prowess was on full display. Zaheed proved his dedication to greatness by setting a record in the university’s history by graduating with an impressive CGPA of 4.00.

Tech Odyssey at Google:

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

When Zaheed joined Google in 2007 as a software engineer for the backend system development project, it was the beginning of a life-changing experience. His career path at the computer behemoth demonstrated his extraordinary aptitude and capacity for leadership. He moved from Google’s Bangalore, India, branch to its California office in less than six months.

Professional Benchmarks:

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Zaheed made a sharp and quick rise in Google’s ranks. At Google’s Zurich headquarters, he was promoted to the role of Principal Engineer and Director in May 2019, marking the apex of his career. Leading a group of more than 230 engineers, developing ground-breaking initiatives like Google Assistant Smart Displays, and influencing the direction of technology were all part of his duties.

Honorable Engineer and Guidance Counselor:

Zaheed is still making major contributions to the tech sector and is currently employed at Google as a Senior Director and Distinguished Engineer. In addition to his career accomplishments, he demonstrates a strong desire to give back to the community. Zaheed wants to use social media as a mentorship platform to share his experiences and wisdom, especially with the younger generation.

Individual Philosophy:

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Zaheed Sabur’s journey is not only a story of professional achievement; it is also a monument to his commitment, modesty, and the power of a loving family. His early interest in electronics was fostered by his mother, Lutfunnessa Begum, who was instrumental in directing him toward engineering.

Legacy and Significance:

Zaheed Sabur is a director and the first principal engineer from Bangladesh to work at Google. His narrative inspires aspirants and engineers around. His influence on the tech sector and his dedication to mentoring and giving back make him an inspiration to the future generation.

The following are some made-up, little-known facts about Zaheed Sabur:

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More
  1. Initial Interest in Electronics: Zaheed was fascinated with electronics since the fourth grade. His mother, who saw his curiosity, was instrumental in fostering this desire by giving him the resources and instruments he needed to investigate his developing obsession with circuitry.
  2. Programming Competition Highlight: Zaheed excelled in programming competitions while in college, in addition to having an outstanding academic record. This event greatly influenced his ability to solve problems as well as sharpening his analytical capabilities.
  3. The choice to work at Google: Top-tier American institutions offered Zaheed entrance to their Ph.D. programs, but he made the crucial choice to work as a software engineer at Google. By making this decision, one was committing to work in the tech sector rather than going into academia.
  4. Google’s Innovation and Leadership: In addition to being a Director and the first Principal Engineer from Bangladesh at Google, Zaheed has actively participated in innovative projects. With his unwavering commitment to innovation, he oversaw the creation of Google Assistant Smart Displays, a device that won over 20 accolades at CES.
  5. Dedication to Returning the Favor: Zaheed has a great willingness to give back to the community, especially by imparting his knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation. He intends to set aside time each week to support ambitious people’s development and education.
  6. The Beneficial Impact of Family: Zaheed recognizes his mother Lutfunnessa Begum’s tremendously beneficial influence. She was not only the previous principal of Patuakhali Govt. Women’s College, but she also actively encouraged his early interest in electronics by purchasing the instruments and parts that laid the groundwork for his future engineering career.

Even though these details are made up and intended only as examples, they capture the essence of Zaheed Sabur’s journey and provide light on a number of areas of his life outside of his well-known career accomplishments.

In Conclusion:

Zaheed Sabur Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki & More

Zaheed Sabur’s path demonstrates the value of tenacity, commitment, and a sincere love for one’s work. Zaheed’s journey from his early years in Saudi Arabia to his current position as Google’s first principle engineer from Bangladesh illustrates the transforming power of education, family support, and an unrelenting dedication to greatness.

His accomplishments not only represent significant personal turning points for him, but they also help to change perceptions about Bangladesh’s potential in the international technology arena. Aspiring professionals can learn a lot from Zaheed’s emphasis on individuality in job choices, the value of making informed decisions, and the recognition of varied educational paths.

Furthermore, his recognition of his mother’s beneficial influence and his dedication to giving back to the community emphasizes how important humility and thankfulness are in the quest for success. Zaheed serves as an example for the upcoming generation of engineers and dreamers as he makes waves in the tech business and demonstrates that extraordinary achievements are achievable with perseverance and a genuine commitment to one’s objectives.

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