Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Height, Movies, Net Worth & More

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Tony Jaa, whose real name is Tatchakorn Yeerum, was born in Surin, Thailand, on February 5, 1976. His parents were elephant herders, and he was raised in a remote location where he was first exposed to martial arts movies as a small child. Jaa began mimicking the moves of martial arts icons like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee and became very passionate about the art form.

Tony Jaa Personal Details:

Full NameTatchakorn Yeerum (Tony Jaa)
NicknameTony Jaa
BirthplaceSurin, Thailand
BirthdateFebruary 5, 1976
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionThai Martial Artist, Actor, Action Choreographer, Stuntman, Director, Traceur
LanguagesThai, Khmer, Learning English

Tony Jaa Physical Stats Table :

Height168 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Educational Table for Tony Jaa:

Education DetailsInformation
Primary EducationWatched martial arts films as a young kid; emulated idols such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.
Secondary EducationStudied martial arts at the local temple school, learning disciplines like Muay Boran, Muay Thai, Wushu, Judo, and Tae-Kwan-Do.
Higher EducationAttended the Physical Education College in Khon Kaen, Thailand, under a scholarship.
SpecializationFocused studies on Muay Boran, Muay Thai, Wushu, Judo, and Tae-Kwan-Do.
Career Development Through EducationDeveloped skills and knowledge in martial arts, contributing to his later success in the film industry.
Stunt Work Impact on CareerDid stunt work for ‘Panna Rittikrai,’ leading to roles such as doubling for Robin Shou and James Remar in “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” (1997).
Recognition and BreakthroughCaught the attention of director Prachya Pinkaew, leading to the creation of the film “Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior” (2003) specifically for Jaa. Adopted the English name Tony Jaa.
Continued Learning and Career EvolutionContinued learning and adapting to international audiences; contracted by Universal Studios for a role in “Fast and Furious 7” in 2013; starred in several international films.

Tony Jaa Family Details:

Family DetailsInformation
FatherRin Saipetch
MotherThongdee Yeerum
Parents’ OccupationElephant herders
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePiyarat Chotiwattananont (m. 2011)
ChildrenTwo daughters

Social Profile About Tony Jaa


Tony Jaa Favourite Things Table:

Favorite ThingsDetails
Favorite Martial Arts StyleMuay Thai
InspirationsBruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li
Favorite MoviesGerd ma lui (1986), Jackie Chan movies
Influence to CareerWatching Jackie Chan movies and Gerd ma lui influenced him to do stuntwork and become an action star
Biggest InfluenceBruce Lee

Tony Jaa Net Worth :

YearNet Worth
2023$5 Million Dollars


Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Tony Jaa Born

-Born in Surin, Thailand on February 5, 1976, Tony Jaa (Japanom Yeerum).


Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Begins His Acting Career & Stunt

-makes his acting debut with a supporting role in “Spirited Killer”.
-Served as a stunt double in film “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.
-Breakthrough role in “Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior”
-Starred in “Tom-Yum-Goong” (The Protector)


Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Become Buddhist

-Directed and starred in “Ong Bak 2
-Co-directed “Ong Bak 3
-Became a Buddhist Monk for a period


Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Returned to Acting

-Started acting again and signed with Universal Studios
-Had roles in “Furious 7” and “SPL II: A Time for Consequences”
-Made an appearance in “XXX: Return of Xander Cage”


Tony jaa Biography Age Boyfriend wiki more 5 1

Played The lead

-Starred in “Expend4bles”

Training and Education:

Jaa started his official martial arts instruction at the nearby temple school, where he was fully trained in the Thai national sport of muay thai. Subsequently, he was awarded a scholarship to study Muay Boran, Muay Thai, Wushu, Judo, and Tae-Kwan-Do at the Physical Education College in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Early Career:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Tony Jaa began his career in the film industry by performing stunts for Panna Rittikrai. He was well known for his role as a double for James Remar and Robin Shou in “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” (1997). Jaa’s potential was recognized by director Prachya Pinkaew, who went on to create the legendary film “Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior” (2003).

Tony Jaa’s television appearances are limited, but here’s a table summarizing them:

1998Red Eagle (อินทรีแดง)Stunt double: Red Eagle (uncredited)
2015Sze U TonightWith Simon Yam & Wu Jing

These are the television entries for Tony Jaa, and it’s important to note that his primary focus has been on his film career.

Tony Jaa doesn’t have an extensive music career, but here’s a table including a music-related entry:

2017Tragédie (duo)“Je Reste Ghetto”Muay Thai

In this entry, Tony Jaa was involved in the music video “Je Reste Ghetto” by Tragédie, showcasing his Muay Thai skills.

Innovation with “Ong-Bak”:

“Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior” launched Tony Jaa to widespread recognition in 2003. His remarkable martial arts prowess was on display throughout the movie, and he won praise for pulling off every stunt devoid of wire work or computer-generated effects.

Tony Jaa’s involvement in video games is limited, but here’s a table summarizing the relevant entry:

2005Tom Yum Goong: The gameKhamVoice

In this video game entry, Tony Jaa lent his voice to the character Kham in “Tom Yum Goong: The game.”

Please note that Tony Jaa is primarily known for his work in martial arts, acting, and filmmaking rather than the video game industry.

First Film Director:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Because of his passion for martial arts, Jaa co-directed and starred in “Ong Bak 2” (2008), which focused on Muay Boran, a traditional martial art. His contributions to the “Ong-Bak” series persisted, further cemented his reputation as a versatile talent in the motion picture business.

Here’s a filmography table highlighting some of Tony Jaa’s notable works:

1994Spirited KillerSupporting role
1996Hard Gun
1996Mission Hunter 2 (Battle Warrior)
1997Mortal Kombat AnnihilationStunt double: Robin Shou
2001Nuk leng klong yaoSupporting role
2003Ong-Bak: Muay Thai WarriorTingBreakout role
2004The BodyguardHimselfCameo
2007The Bodyguard 2HimselfCameo
2008Ong Bak 2TienAction choreographer, director, and stunt coordinator
2010Ong Bak 3
2013Tom Yum Goong 2Kham
2014Skin TradeTony VitayakulDirect-to-DVD
2015Furious 7KietHollywood debut
2015SPL II: A Time for ConsequencesChatchai
2017XXX: Return of Xander CageTalon
2018Master Z: Ip Man LegacySadi the Warrior
2019Triple ThreatPayu
2020Jiu JitsuKeung
2020Monster HunterThe Hunter
TBAA Man Will RiseAbandoned; director

This table provides an overview of Tony Jaa’s filmography, showcasing some of his key roles and contributions to the film industry. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be additional projects in his filmography.

Short Monastic Preface:

2010 saw Jaa take a brief hiatus from acting in order to become a Buddhist monk. Before he returned to the entertainment industry, he had a brief period of introspection and spiritual searching.

Global Achievement:

Tony Jaa’s career took off after he landed parts in superhit movies like “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” (2017) and “Furious 7” (2015). His work with Hollywood actors and directors demonstrated his adaptability and popularity with viewers throughout the world.

Tony Jaa released a single titled “Lui He Lui” (ลุยเฮลุย) in 2017. The subtitle “GROUNDBREAKING” suggests that it might be associated with some groundbreaking or significant event.

Here is the Singles Table:

2017“Lui He Lui” (ลุยเฮลุย)

Private Life:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

Tony Jaa wed Piyarat Chotiwattananont, his longterm girlfriend, on May 3, 2012. There are two girls in the relationship.

Recent Projects:

Tony Jaa is still working in the film business as of 2023; his most recent project is “Expend4bles.”

History and Significance:

Tony Jaa’s influence goes beyond his incredible skill in the martial arts. He has influenced a new generation of action heroes and is a symbol of devotion to Thailand’s ancient martial arts. Tony Jaa’s rise from a small town to global fame is evidence of his love, talent, and dedication to both martial arts and movies.

The Awards and Nominations Received by Tony Jaa:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More
2003Star Entertainment AwardsActor in Leading Role of the YearOng-BakWon
2004Suphannahong National Film AwardsBest ActorNominated
2005Honorary AwardTom-Yum-GoongWon
2006Online Film Critics Society AwardsBest Breakthrough PerformanceOng-BakNominated
2008Top AwardsMotion Picture of the YearOng Bak 2Won
2009Nine Entertain AwardsWon
2009Chalermthai AwardsNominated
2009Suphannahong National Film AwardsBest ActorNominated
2010Top AwardsActor in Leading Role of the YearOng Bak 3Nominated
2011Deauville Asian Film FestivalBest ActorNominated

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there might be additional awards and nominations that Tony Jaa has received throughout his career.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Tony Jaa:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More
  1. History of Elephant Herding:  Tony Jaa was raised in the Surin area of northern Thailand, in an unusual environment because his parents were elephant herders. This rustic upbringing affected his early affinity for the natural world and customs.
  2. Language Proficiency: In addition to being fluent in Thai and Khmer, Tony Jaa is studying English. His effort to learning other languages is a reflection of his desire to interact with a wider range of global audiences.
  3. Education in Disciplines: Jaa’s introduction to martial arts included both official study and hands-on training. He studied at the Maha Sarakham College of Physical Education, where he combined his practical skills with academic knowledge to acquire a bachelor’s degree.
  4. No Wire Work or CG Effects: Tony Jaa’s dislike of wire work and computer-generated effects is one of the things that sets his stunt work apart. He is renowned for pulling off his stunts without the use of these extras, putting the focus on realism in his action scenes.
  5. The Impact of Temple Fairs: Jaa first saw martial arts films during temple festivals, when he saw Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee productions. His ambition to study martial arts and later seek a career in filmmaking was stoked by these early encounters.
  6. Sabbatical Break: Tony Jaa briefly lived as a Buddhist monk at a Surin, Thailand, temple in 2010. He was able to take some time for introspection and a vacation from the entertainment business during this time of monastic life.
  7. Collaboration with Jackie Chan: Tony Jaa’s idol, Jackie Chan, was drawn to his films and expressed a desire to cast him in “Rush Hour 3.” Jaa was unable to take part, though, due to scheduling difficulties, demonstrating the respect that both martial arts celebrities have for one another.
  8. Sammo Hung’s Stunt Double: Tony Jaa assisted Sammo Hung in a commercial as a stunt double before becoming well-known as an actor. His subsequent breakthrough in main roles was made possible by this early exposure in the profession.
  9. Film Projects Cancelled: Jaa had a falling out with the director of “Sword” (Daab Atamas), despite having a good career. This demonstrates the dynamics and difficulties faced by the film business.
  10. Diverse Martial Arts Background: Tony Jaa’s martial arts training extends beyond Muay Thai. He has experience in disciplines such as Taekwondo, Muay Boran, Krabi-Krabong, Kung-fu, Silat, Jiu-Jitsu, and more, showcasing his versatility in various fighting styles.

In Summary:

Tony Jaa Biography, Age, Movies, Wiki & More

These are some lesser known facts about Tony ja, Tony Jaa is a very talented Thai martial artist, actor, action choreographer, stuntman, director, and traceur. He was born in Surin, Thailand, on February 5, 1976. Growing up in a remote region, Jaa’s love of martial arts, inspired by icons such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, prompted him to study Muay Thai among other styles. In 2003, the film “Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior” served as his breakthrough, demonstrating his extraordinary skills and launching an international career.

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