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Neiva Mara, a well-known Spanish fitness and fashion model, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and social media star, has gained more followers on Instagram thanks to her excellent fashion, fitness, and lifestyle content. She is also well-known on YouTube, where she frequently posts on both fashion and fitness.

Early life

Neiva Mara was born in Spain on May 2, 1986, making her a Taurus by birth and a citizen of Spain. Neiva grew up in Spain but frequently traveled during the summer to other nations because her parents loved seeing new areas. She had a fairly typical childhood and became somewhat well-liked in high school as a result of her good looks and outgoing personality. She had lots of friends with whom she went to events and shops.

Neiva decided not to enroll in college after graduating from high school since she needed a job to support herself financially.


Over the course of the following 12 years, Neiva performed a variety of jobs and began living independently after leaving her parents’ home. She began her career as a cashier in a market, progressed to a restaurant, and then began working at a clothing store.

Neiva made the decision to start working out in 2015 after growing dissatisfied with her appearance. She started with her workouts and opened an Instagram account, where she posted images of her development. She worked really hard for two years to achieve the body she desired; she concentrated primarily on her abs, glutes, and legs because those are her favorite body parts.

Neiva’s career as a fitness model was officially launched when a modeling scout for a fitness magazine visited her Instagram profile at the end of 2016 when her body was already starting to take on some definition. She got to attend her first photoshoot and later signed with a prestigious fitness modeling agency. Since then, she has posed for a variety of well-known clothing and lingerie brands and has appeared on the covers of several Spanish fitness magazines. Neiva is one of the most in-demand fitness models right now.

Neiva is also the creator of Deporlovers, an app designed to assist users with their workouts; her Deporlovers Instagram profile presently has around 380,000 followers and has had close to 550 images posted on it.

Personal life

Unfortunately, Neiva hasn’t yet revealed any verifiable information about her relationship or boyfriend.


Although Neiva is very private about her romantic connections and hasn’t disclosed any information to the public about her past or present partnerships, there are still some speculations making the rounds on the internet.

Some of Neiva’s fans think she is a lesbian because she rarely talks about guys. She hasn’t been with anyone, although she’s been seen hanging out with her buddies. Neiva hasn’t mentioned her sexual orientation, despite being a little reserved.

This well-known actress is rumored to be dating someone she works out with at the gym. They started dating at the beginning of April in 2019, and they dated for a few months before that. Since Neiva hasn’t responded, it is impossible to speculate about her current romantic situation without being definite.


Though Neiva is an Instagram model. She didn’t  get any movie offers.


Neiva is also the inventor of Deporlovers, a fitness-oriented app; more than 380,000 people follow her on Instagram and she has uploaded more than 550 photographs to the Deporlovers Instagram page.

Net Worth

In 2022, Neiva Mara’s net worth is anticipated to surpass $6 million USD. Her income comes from modeling, commercials, brand endorsements, ads, and various business endeavors.

She also gains from having a Premium Snapchat account since her fans pay to subscribe to see more of her graphic images and videos; Neiva converses with her users as part of the subscription package.

Unknown Facts

  • Neiva Mara is a well-known curvy fashion model who is also a YouTuber, Instagram star, and social media influencer.
  • Pink and Purple are Neiva’s favorite colors.
  • Neiva enjoys traveling, and her hobbies include photography,surfing, dancing, and singing,
  • Neiva’s favorite cuisines are Italian, Spanish, and French including seafood.
  • Paris is Neiva’s favorite holiday destination.
  • Neiva has a dog as a pet and loves animals.
  • Neiva competed in the bikini division of the Arnold Classic Europe, a fitness competition, in 2017 and finished in second place.

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