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James Stephen “Murr” Murray is a stand-up comedian, producer, actor, and author from Staten Island, New York City. Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and Joe Gatto are also members of The Tenderloins, a comedy troupe. James Stephen stars in the television series Impractical Jokers, which premiered on TruTV alongside the other members of The Tenderloins on December 15, 2011.

Early life

Murray is of Irish and Italian origin and was born in the borough of Staten Island in New York City on May 1, 1976. In their first year, he met his future comedy collaborators Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, and Sal Vulcano at Monsignor Farrell High School in that town. In 1994, he received his bachelor’s degree.  Murray went to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where he received his bachelor’s degree.


James Murray rose to fame in 1999 after forming the comic ensemble ‘The Tenderloins’ with his friends and winning the NBC competition show ‘It’s Your Show.’ Sal Vulcano, Mike Boccio, and Joe Gatto are among the troupe’s other members. They have put on countless successful shows since their inception.

‘Impractical Jokers,’ which premiered on TrueTV in 2011, has been the group’s most successful show. The troupe members are forced to perform public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras in the show. The Impractical Jokers show differs from other prank TV shows in that the participants are unaware of the jokes they will commit until the last minute. The Impractical Jokers show has a large following and has garnered mostly positive reviews. The premiere received 1.5 million viewers.

The show garnered mostly positive reviews. The premiere received 1.5 million viewers. This show has been modified into several formats and is broadcast in numerous countries. It has also spawned multiple spin-offs. ‘Impractical Jokers Movie,’ a reality comedy film, is also in the works. Despite its global appeal, the show has been panned, some labeling it “childish.”

James Murray has also acted in several films and television shows. He had a supporting role in the 2017 film ‘My Brother the Time Traveler’ and a cameo appearance in the television series ’12 Monkeys,’ based on the 1995 Brad Pitt film of the same name. He also directed the film ‘Damned,’ a retelling of Biblical stories told through the eyes of a teenager, Jesus.

Personal life

Murray gets a tattoo of a ferret skydiving as a reference to an earlier punishment due to a triple penalty on Impractical Jokers.  Murray married Sal Vulcano’s sister, Jenna Vulcano, on March 13, 2014, due to Sal’s punishment in season 3’s “Brother-in-Loss,” but the marriage was soon annulled.

Murray married Melyssa Davies in 2019, whom he met at the launch party for his book Awakened. Murray will marry Davies on September 25, 2020.

List of movies

  • Christmas Time.
  • Damned!
  • Impractical Jokers: The Movie
  • Private Parts
  • Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2

List of Television series

  • Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party (season 1)
  • Down to Business
  • Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party( season 2)
  • Gods of Medicine
  • The Tenderloins
  • MacGyver
  • Bones
  • 12 Monkeys
  • Drunk History
  • The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time
  • The Misery Index
  • Impractical Jokers


  • Damned! – 1998
  • Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 – 2017
  • Christmas Time – 2017
  • Private Parts – 1997
  • Impractical Jokers: The Movie – 2020

Awards & nominations

We can not find any relevant information about Murray’s awards & nominations.


James Murray married Sal Vulcano’s sister Jenna Vulcano in a church in 2014. James and Jenna were both accompanied by their close friends and family. Jenna, his wife, was also a member of the impractical jokers’ club, where James collaborated with his peers.

Their marriage, however, did not last a single day. The reason for this was that James was openly gay, and after saying “I do,” his wife discovered it. James and one of the other members of his group were revealed to be gay in an interview. However, James eventually admitted that he is not gay and that his friend was merely joking in that interview. It’s odd, but it’s true.

Ella-Jayne Murray and Nell Murray are James’s two daughters.


Jim Murray, a well-known whiskey critic, has been accused of sexism.

Following concerns about the treatment of women in his books and at events, several distillers and booksellers have cut connections with the British author.

Unknown facts

  • Murray was not successful at first
  • Murray has a tattoo to commemorate the group’s accomplishment.
  • Murray once got married and divorced within 24 hours after the wedding.
  • Murray always wanted to be an author.
  • Murray’s height is 1.8 m.
  • Murray’s weight is 70 kg.
  • James Murray is one of America’s best comedians and jokers.

Net worth

According to sources, James Murray has a net worth of $2.4 million. James Murray net worth is $1 million. Nonetheless, he receives $2.4 million in total each month.

 According to rumors, James is also managing his family’s unidentified firm. His compensation, though, remains a mystery. Resources are still looking into what other positions he has, but there is no formal word.

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