Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Height, Relationship, Family, Wiki & More

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Rising star Sadia Ayman of Bangladesh’s entertainment business went from modeling to becoming a well-known actress. Her involvement in films, online series, and TV dramas demonstrates her flexibility. Notably, she won an acting prize for her first film, “Mayashalik,” which demonstrated her talent and future in the movie industry.

Sadia Ayman Personal Details:

Real NameSadia Ayman
Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More
Date of Birth17 March 1998
Age (2023)25 years
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthBarisal, Bangladesh
OccupationModel and Actress

Physical statistics of Sadia Ayman:

Physical StatisticsDetails
Height157 cm (5’2″)
Weight53 kg (may vary)
Physical Size34-25-33 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Educational Information of Sadia Ayman:

Educational InformationDetails
SchoolNot available (unknown)
College/UniversityEast West University
Educational QualificationPursuing LLB from East West University

Social Media Profile Of Sadia Ayman:

Social Media ProfilesDetails
FacebookSadia Ayman
YouTubeSadia Official
IMDbSadia Ayman

Sadia Ayman Favourite Things Table:

Favorite ThingsDetails
Favorite FoodAll home-cooked meals
Favorite ActressNaznin Niha
Favorite DressSaree
Favorite ColorsWhite, Red, Blue
HobbyTraveling, singing
Favorite Travel DestinationSunamganj

Net Worth Information of Sadia Ayman:

Net Worth (2023)Details
About 10 lakhsIn Bangladeshi Taka


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia Ayman Born

-Barisal, Bangladesh is the place of Sadia Ayman’s birth on March 17, 1998.


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Career Beginnings

-In 2019, Sadia Ayman debuts as an actor in the drama “To Be Wife.


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Web Series & Modeling Career

-2021: Accepts roles in the web serial “Amader Bari.”
-June 2022: Sadia Ayman agrees to a three-year deal to represent the Indian cosmetic companies Neem Facewash and Boro Plus.
-Actively participates in modeling and works with several Bangladeshi advertising firms.


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Web Flim and Honors

-Actor in the web film “Mayashalik” (2022): This marks her cinematic debut.
-2022: Awarded Best Actress (Critics’ Choice) at the Bangladesh Cultural Reporters’ Association Awards for her performance in “Mayashalik.”


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Actively involved in several TV dramas & Web Series

-2023: Makes an appearance in the movie “Kajolrekha,” which is slated for release during Eid-ul-Azha.
-2023: Appearances in well-known online series such as “Kabadi” and “Internsheep.
-In 2023, the author in several TV dramas, such as “Emon Ekta Tumi Chai” and “Chithi.

Infancy & Schooling:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, on March 17, 1998, Sadia Ayman never dreamed as a child that she would work in entertainment. Her first goals were to become a fashion designer, a doctor, and a businesswoman. But destiny guided her to pursue her goal of acting. Sadia is demonstrating her dedication to academics and her budding career in the entertainment sector by obtaining a law degree at East West University

Initial Career Steps:

When Sadia Ayman was a model, her friends pushed her to enter a collegiate beauty contest, which is how she first came into the spotlight. Her journey into the world of glitz and flair began with this.

Social Media and Modeling:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia Ayman continues to be a prominent personality on social media despite her active involvement in TV dramas, web series, and films. Regular posts marketing items, offering cosmetic advice, and offering insights into her ongoing initiatives are all part of her presence on social media.

Dramas on TV:

After making her acting debut in the 2019 drama “To Be Wife,” Sadia went on to become well-known for her roles in TV dramas including “Kobi+Kusum,” “Noorsundor,” “Fuler Naame Naam,” and “Fida.”

Filmography – TV Dramas (Natok):

2023NatokEmon Ekta Tumi ChaiTawsif Mahbub
2023NatokChoddobesi Tomay ValobashiShohel Mondol
2023NatokObak KandoManoj Kumar Pramanik, Shatabdi Wadud, Shahed Ali
2023NatokChithiTawsif Mahbub
2023NatokThe First CaseKhairul Basar
2023NatokKoster Naam MayaTawsif Mahbub
2023NatokJoltorongoKhairul Basar
2023NatokBabui Pakhir BashaMaruf Hossain Sajib, Sayem Samad, Khairul Basar, Sumona M Chowdhury, Sheikh Swopna
2021NatokKobi + KusumShashwta Dutta
2019NatokTo Be WifeZiaul Faruq Apurba
2022NatokNoro SundorSudip Biswas Deep
2022NatokFuler Name NamTawsif Mahbub


Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia Ayman made her big screen debut in the 2022 movie “Mayashalik,” where she won her first acting honor. She went on with her film career with the 2023 release of “Kajolrekha.”

Filmography – Movies:

2022WebfilmMayashalikZiaul Faruq Apurba
2023FilmKajolrekhaMondira Chakraborty, Shariful Raz

Filmography – Films:

2023FilmKajolrekhaMondira Chakraborty, Shariful Raz
2022FilmMayashalikZiaul Faruq Apurba

Filmography – Webfilms:

2022WebfilmMayashalikZiaul Faruq Apurba

Filmography – Telefilm:

2021TelefilmNetworker BaireTasnia Farin, Nazia Haque Orsha, Tasnuva Tisha, Munira Begum Memi, Yash Rohan, Manosh Bandapadhaya, Shamima Nazneen, Mahmud Sajjad, Khairul Basar, Nazifa Tushi, Jonayed Bukdadi, Sariful Islam Razz, Mizanur Rahman Aryan

Web Series:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia made a foray into the world of over-the-top material, landing a starring role in the Zee5 series “Amader Bari” and winning praise for her performance in the 2023 series “Internsheep.” Among the other noteworthy web series is “Kabadi.”

2023InternsheepMakhnun Sultana Mahima, Syed Hasan Imam, Mukul Siraj, Shampa Reza, Priontee Urbee, Syeda Taslima Hossain Nodi, Mir Rabby
2021Amader BariTariq Anam Khan, Deepa Khandakar
2023Kabadi(Co-actors not specified in the provided data)
2023Procholito(Co-actors not specified in the provided data)

Honors and Accomplishments:

At the 2022 Bangladesh Cultural Reporters’ Association Awards, Sadia Ayman’s ability was acknowledged when she took home the Best Actress (Critics’ Choice) trophy.

2022Bangladesh Cultural Reporters’ Association AwardsBest Actress (Critics’ Choice)Won

Partner Brands:

In addition to her acting career, Sadia Ayman has partnered with a number of companies, appearing in TV commercials for the Department of ICT Bangladesh, Boro Plus Neem facewash, and Labaid Cancer Hospital.

Intimate Life:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia Ayman has shared a few things about her personal life, including her love of cooking, her passion for reading, and her unique bond with her three kitties.


Based on the material at hand, Sadia Ayman’s public persona appears to be clear of any noteworthy disputes. Her career seems to be defined by successes, honors, and favorable audience reactions. It’s crucial to remember that information about public people’ personal and professional life might be sparse and that unresolved issues may surface.

Further Information About Sadia Ayman:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More
  1. Many-faceted Goals: Growing up, Sadia Ayman dreamed of a variety of professions. She considered becoming a doctor or fashion designer, wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a businesswoman, and finally discovered her love for acting.
  2. Studies and Interests: Sadia is demonstrating her commitment to education and her artistic endeavors by earning a law degree at East West University in addition to her thriving job in the entertainment sector.
  3. Make Your Model Debut: During her college years, Sadia’s friends persuaded her to compete in a beauty pageant, which marked her first step into the entertainment industry. Her later career in the glamour sector was paved with this first attempt at modeling.
  4. Partnership with Brands: In addition to her acting career, Sadia Ayman is a brand ambassador for the well-known Indian cosmetics firm Boro Plus. Her affiliation entails her public representation of the company.
  5. Delight in Baking: Sharing meals with everyone in the house brings Sadia joy in addition to her love of cooking. Her passion for cooking has a community side that speaks to her enjoyment of shared experiences.
  6. Inclusion on YouTube: With her own YouTube channel, Sadia Ayman makes a positive impact on the digital world by releasing content that may cover a range of subjects, including her job, personal life, and other subjects.
  7. The Furry Clan: Sadia Ayman made the sweet admission that she views her three cats, Meow, Potato, and Bird, as her first children, demonstrating her deep bond with her animals.
  8. Participation in Select Music Videos: Early in her career, Sadia Ayman was approached for several music videos, but she was picky about what she worked on and only took part in projects when she thought they were truly special. This astute approach highlights her dedication to worthwhile work.
  9. Romantic Project Impact: When Sadia Ayman starred in romantic projects like “Phooler Namey Naam” and the online film “Mayashalik,” her charisma enthralled viewers, and she gained praise and recognition for her uncomplicated persona both on and off screen.
  10. Debut on Eid-ul-Azha: As a major turning point in her cinematic career, fans may look forward to Sadia Ayman’s silver screen debut in Gias Uddin Selim’s “Kajolrekha,” which is scheduled for release around Eid-ul-Azha.

These little-known details provide us an idea of Sadia Ayman’s many passions, tastes, and the distinctive elements that make her dynamic personality.

In Summery:

Sadia Ayman Biography, Age, Lifestyle & More

Sadia Ayman’s career has been marked by successes, acknowledgment, and a bright future in the entertainment industry. Like any public figure, her story is still developing, so fans should expect additional contributions from her to the Bangladeshi film industry and beyond.

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