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Shan Shan is the stage name of Shannon Emery Lee, an American singer, actor, producer, and businesswoman. She is primarily recognized for being the daughter of Bruce Lee and Linda Lee, a well-known martial artist and actress. When her father passed away when she was four years old, her mother had already moved to the USA from Hong Kong.

She was raised in California alongside her brother Brandon Lee, who subsequently passed away in a shooting accident. People advised Shannon that acting was bad for the family but she chose to carry on her father’s heritage by learning martial arts from her father’s pupils.

Early life

Bruce Lee, a well-known martial arts expert and movie star, and his wife Linda Lee Cadwell welcomed Shannon Lee into the world on April 19, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, the United States. She is the great-granddaughter of famed Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen. She is of Swedish, German, and Chinese ancestry.

She and her parents resided in Hong Kong from 1971 to 1973, where her father passed away suddenly at the age of 32. After losing her husband, her mother emigrated to the country and settled in Seattle, Washington with her kids. Later, she remarried twice, but she never lost touch with Shannon. When Shannon’s father passed away, she was four years old.

Personal life

In 1994, Anthony Keasler, a lawyer, and Shannon were united in marriage. Wren Lee Keasler is the couple’s daughter. She firmly adheres to her father’s teachings that urge people to “honestly express themselves, be their best selves, cultivate themselves, and not imitate anyone.” She has committed her entire life to preserving her father’s name and legacy.


Shannon made her acting debut in the biopic of her father, “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story,” in which she played a small part as a singer. She then made appearances in the films High Voltage & Cage II, where she played a more important role. With Shannon  appearing alongside Michael Wong and Anita Yuen in the Hong Kong action film “Enter the Eagles” in 1998, she received a significant break. Her rating increased on the Hong Kong movie charts as a result of the film’s favorable reviews.

Shannon also contributed vocals to the 2003 album “The Mechanical Forces of Love” by the American noise pop band Medicine and the song “I’m in the Mood for Love” for the movie “China Strike Force.” Throughout her illustrious career, she has given a variety of other musical performances. In order to advance her father’s legacy, she played a key role in the 2002 establishment of The Bruce Lee Foundation.

She is the CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises, which was founded with the family’s rights to her father’s brand. Anything associated with Bruce Lee’s name is licensed by this organization. She persisted, and the Foundation was able to gather $ 35 million to construct the Bruce Lee Action Museum in Seattle, Washington. Shannon Lee has established herself as a savvy business person and entrepreneur. Her father’s ideology has helped her overcome many obstacles in her life so that she might ultimately triumph.

List of movies

  • She, Me and Her
  • Cage II
  • Lessons for an Assassin
  • Be Water
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
  • Blade
  • High Voltage
  • Enter the Eagles

List of TV shows

  • I Am Bruce Lee
  • Martial Law
  • Warrior
  • WMAC Masters
  • Epoch


  • High Voltage – 1997
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – 1993
  • Cage II – 1994
  • Lessons for an Assassin – 2001
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – 1993
  • Enter the Eagles – 1993
  • Be Water – 2020
  • Blade – 1998


Anthony Keasler, a skilled art director, is wed to Shannon Lee. In August 1988, they began dating. They decided to exchange vows on August 22, 1994, after spending six years together. Wren Lee Keasler, the couple’s first child, was born on May 21, 2003.


There is no controversy about Shannon Lee. She is far away from any desperate scandals.

Net Worth

Shannon Lee’s overall net worth is projected to be around $10 million USD as of 2022. She makes the majority of her money as a businesswoman and actress. She also makes a decent profit from her investments in numerous large and small businesses. Despite all of that, she has never made public any information about her wealth, earnings, or compensation.

Awards & Nominations

We didn’t find any relevant information about Shannon Lee’s awards information.

Unknown Facts

  • Shannon Lee’s height is 5 feet inches.
  • Shannon Lee’s weight is about 60 kg.
  • Shannon Lee’s Instagramfollowers are 108k.
  • Shannon Lee is a graduate in music.

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