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Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Born in Malibu, California, on July 8, 1998, Jaden Smith is an American actor, rapper, dancer, and singer-songwriter with multiple talents. He is Willow Smith’s older brother and the son of Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith.

Jaden Smith’s Personal Information:

Full NameJaden Smith
Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More
BirthdateJuly 8, 1998
Birth PlaceMalibu, USA
Zodiac SignCancer

Jaden Smith’s Physical Stats Table:

Height5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)
Weight64 kg (143 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Jaden Smith’s Education:

New Village Leadership AcademyEarly yearsPrimary education
HomeschooledLater yearsTailored education by parents

Jaden Smith’s educational journey included early years at New Village Leadership Academy, followed by homeschooling facilitated by his parents. This unconventional approach allowed for a tailored education that accommodated his unique childhood in the entertainment industry.

Jaden Smith’s Family Details Table:

Family MemberRelation
Will SmithFather
Jada Pinket SmithMother
Willow SmithSister
Trey SmithHalf-Brother

Jaden Smith’s Social Profiles:

YouTubeJaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s Favorite Things Table:

MoviePursuit of Happyness
TV ShowThe Twilight Zone
BookThe Catcher in the Rye
MusicKid Cudi, Tyler, the Creator
Fashion BrandMSFTSrep
HobbiesSkateboarding, Martial Arts

Jaden Smith’s Net Worth and Real Estate Table:

Net Worth (2023)$8 Million
Real EstateJaden and Willow Smith moved into a $4 million home in the Hollywood Hills in 2017.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Jaden Smith Born

-On July 8, 1998, Jaden was born in Malibu, California, to actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Acting Debut & Starring Role

-In 2006: Jaden stars with his father, Will Smith, in “The Pursuit of Happyness,” his first major motion picture, at the age of eight.
-In 2010: In the reimagining of “The Karate Kid,” Jaden plays the lead and shows off his martial arts prowess alongside Jackie Chan.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Music Debut & Continued Music

-In 2012: Jaden launches his mixtape “The Cool Café,” which officially launches him into the music business.
-In 2014: Jaden releases “CTV2,” showcasing his developing musical style, after his debut mixtape.


Jaden Smith Biography Age Boyfriend wiki more 9

Return to Acting & Directorial Debut with “Goku” Music Video

-Jaden reprises his acting career in the Netflix original series “The Get Down.”
-In addition to acting and singing, Jaden also directs the music video for “Goku,” demonstrating his creative abilities.
-Jaden completes production on the young adult drama film “Life in a Year,” starring with Cara Delevingne and Cuba Gooding Jr.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3″** will be released

-Jaden releases “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3,” his third studio album, which includes joint efforts with musicians such as Justin Bieber.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Justice” receives a Grammy nomination

-Jaden is nominated for a Grammy Award in the Album of the Year category since he appears on Justin Bieber’s album “Justice.

Initial Career Steps:

At an early age, Jaden established himself in the entertainment business by costarring with his father, Will Smith, in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006). With leading parts in films like “The Karate Kid” (2010) and “After Earth” (2013), he kept gaining recognition.


In addition to his acting career, Jaden is a successful musician who worked with Justin Bieber on the smash song “Never Say Never.” His albums, such as “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3” (2020) and “Syre” (2017), showcase his development as an artist and his varied musical taste.

Activism and Style Icon:

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Jaden, who has a distinct sense of style, is a trendsetter and has dabbled in the fashion industry with his clothing line, MSFTSrep. In addition, he has received recognition for his work as a youth ambassador for Project Zambia, which challenges conventional gender conventions and advances social objectives.

Music Video Credits Table:

2021Photograph2.5Music VideoJaden Smith
2020Cabin Fever3.1Music VideoWavy Baby
2020Ninety3.5Music VideoJaden Smith
2020Mission1.8Music VideoJaden & Trinidad James
2019Again1.8Music VideoJaden Smith
2019Fire Dept1.6Music VideoJaden Smith
2019Soho1.8Music VideoJaden Smith
2019Watch Me (Remix)5.2Music VideoJaden Smith
2018Goku2.7Music VideoJaden Smith
2018Plastic1.8Music VideoJaden Smith
2018The Passion2.3Music VideoJaden Smith
2018Ghost5.0Music VideoJaden Feat. Christian Rich
2018Icon (Remix)5.1Music VideoJaden Feat. Nicky Jam
2017George Jeff3.2Music VideoJaden Smith
2017Icon3.0Music VideoJaden Smith
2017Batman2.5Music VideoJaden Smith
2016Fallen1.8Music VideoJaden Smith
2016Like This1.3Music VideoRich the Kid & Jaden
2015Scarface1.0Music VideoJaden Smith
2014Blue Ocean1.5Music VideoJaden Smith
2014Fast1.6Music VideoJaden Smith
2013Shakespeare1.0Music VideoJaden Smith
2013Hello1.6Music VideoJaden Smith
2012The Coolest1.6Music VideoJaden Smith
2012Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)1.0Music VideoJaden Smith & Mateo Arias
2012Gonzoes1.6Music VideoJaden Smith
2012Give It to Em’1.6Music VideoJaden Smith

Producer Credits Table:

2018Skate KitchenExecutive ProducerFilm
2020All Day and a NightExecutive ProducerFilm
2020Life in a YearExecutive ProducerFilm
2020GullyExecutive ProducerFilm

Intimate Life and Connections:

Non-binary icon Jaden has garnered attention for both his personal and professional lives. He’s been connected to a number of well-known couples, including Kylie Jenner and Stella, Vanessa Hudgens’ sister. His early quest of independence is reflected in his 15-year-old emancipation from his parents.

Achievements and Acknowledgments:

Thanks to his talent, Jaden has won multiple accolades. He was nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year for his work on Justin Bieber’s “Justice” (2022) and received a Saturn Award for “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2009).

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Awards and Nominations Table:

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA2009The Day the Earth Stood StillWinnerSaturn Award – Best Performance by a Younger Actor
BET Awards2011The Pursuit of HappynessWinnerYoungStars Award
BET Awards2007The Pursuit of HappynessNomineeYoungStars Award
Critics Choice Awards2007The Pursuit of HappynessNomineeBest Young Actor
Grammy Awards2022“Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)”NomineeAlbum of the Year
Image Awards (NAACP)2011The Karate KidNomineeOutstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
Image Awards (NAACP)2007The Pursuit of HappynessNomineeOutstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
MTV Movie + TV Awards2013After EarthNomineeMTV Movie Award – Summer’s Biggest Teen Bad A**
MTV Movie + TV Awards2011The Pursuit of HappynessWinnerMTV Movie Award – Breakthrough Performance
People’s Choice Awards, USA2011The Karate KidNomineeFavorite On-Screen Team
Razzie Awards2014After EarthWinnerWorst Actor
Razzie Awards2014After EarthWinnerWorst Screen Combo (Jaden Smith & Will Smith on Planet Nepotism)
Teen Choice Awards2011The Pursuit of HappynessWinnerChoice Movie: Chemistry (shared with Will Smith)
Teen Choice Awards2007The Pursuit of HappynessWinnerChoice Movie: Breakout Male
Young Artist Awards2011The Karate KidWinnerBest Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor
Queerties2018Jaden SmithWinnerStyle Trendsetter
YouTube Creator Awards2018Jaden SmithWinnerGold Creator Award

Conflict Summarized:

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Born in 1998 to Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith has always been involved in controversy. His choice to apply for emancipation at the age of fifteen caused some people to take notice, highlighting his early longing for independence. Jaden is a divisive but significant personality because of his daring fashion choices and non-binary expression, which have also questioned social standards. Because of his distinct approach to fame, unusual social media posts, and outspoken demeanor, he has maintained a public profile and become a cultural provocateur.

Highlights in Filmography:

Jaden’s career in movies started with a breakthrough role he shared with his father in “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006). His popularity came from the 2010 version of “The Karate Kid,” when his martial arts prowess took center stage. The father-son team reappeared in “After Earth” (2013), albeit reviews were divided. Jaden’s filmography shows off his range of roles and developing skill as he navigates the always shifting Hollywood landscape while receiving both public and critical acclaim.

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Jaden Smith’s Filmography Table:

YearFilm/TV ShowRoleCategory
2006The Pursuit of HappynessChristopherFilm
2008The Day the Earth Stood StillJacob BensonFilm
2010The Karate KidDre ParkerFilm
2013After EarthKitai RaigeFilm
2016The Get Down (TV Series)Marcus “Dizzee” KiplingTV Series
2018Skate KitchenDevonFilm
2019Life in a YearDarynFilm
2021A Man Named Scott (Kid Cudi documentary)HimselfDocumentary/Film
2022King Richard (cameo)HimselfFilm (Cameo)

Jaden Smith’s Directors Roles:

Through a number of music videos, Jaden Smith has dabbled in directing and showcased his artistic sense. He approaches visual storytelling differently, which gives the medium a new viewpoint. In 2020, he directed the “Cabin Fever” music video as “Wavy Baby,” which added to the song’s immersive quality. In 2019, he also showcased his directing abilities with the striking music video for “Watch Me (Remix)”. Smith’s capacity to express himself artistically in ways other than performance is demonstrated by his directing pursuit.

Director Credits Table:

2019SOHOMusic Video
2019A Calabasas FreestyleMusic Video
2018GOKUMusic Video
2018PlasticMusic Video
2016FallenMusic Video

Some Lesser Known Facts About Jaden Smith’s:

Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More
  1. Freedom at 15: At the age of 15, Jaden Smith famously petitioned his parents for emancipation, and they granted it. Nevertheless, he stated in a subsequent interview that he would stay at his father’s property as long as everything was free.
  2. Intelligent Symbol: Jaden’s defiance of conventional gender norms has earned him recognition as a non-binary icon. His unconventional style choices—such as dressing in a skirt for a Louis Vuitton women’s wear campaign—have helped to challenge gender stereotypes in the media.
  3. MSFTSrep Apparel Collection: Jaden Smith is a fashion entrepreneur in addition to his showbiz career. In order to promote uniqueness and display his own style, he started the apparel label MSFTSrep.
  4. Young Project Zambia Ambassador: Jaden, like his siblings, worked with Hasbro as a youth ambassador for Project Zambi, helping AIDS-affected Zambian children who needed help. His dedication to social concerns is demonstrated by this charitable endeavor.
  5. Began Riding a Skateboard to Fight Seclusion: Because of his early notoriety and homeschooling, Jaden didn’t have many traditional pals. He took up skateboarding as a pastime since it gave him a public sport where he could be himself without having to deal with being recognized all the time as a star.
  6. Started Behaving With Father: “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006) marked Jaden’s big screen debut as the son of Will Smith, the actor’s real-life father. His acting career began with this early cooperation.
  7. Album of the Year Nominee for the Grammy Awards: As a featured artist on Justin Bieber’s album “Justice,” Jaden was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2022, demonstrating his versatility in the music business.
  8. Shareholdership in Just Water: Since he was twelve years old, Jaden has been a partner in the spring water company Just Water. His passion in eco-friendly and sustainable procedures is evident in this endeavor.
  9. In the Spotlight: Relationships Jaden’s romantic life has frequently been in the spotlight. Before dating Kylie Jenner, he was rumored to be seeing Vanessa Hudgens’ younger sister Stella. He dated Sarah Snyder from 2012 to 2015, and it was said that she influenced a lot of the songs on his “Syre” album.
  10. Award for Queer Style Trendsetter: Jaden Smith’s impact on fashion trends was highlighted in 2018 when he was named a style trendsetter at the Queerty Awards.


Jaden Smith Biography, Age, Music, Lifestyle, Wiki & More

Multifaceted musician and cultural phenomenon Jaden Smith has made a name for himself in the entertainment business. Jaden’s career is a testament to creativity and a dedication to self-expression, from his early acting attempts with his father in “The Pursuit of Happyness” to his breakthrough performance in “The Karate Kid” and his later ventures into music and fashion.

His distinct sense of style has provoked discussions about gender roles and expectations in society, both in terms of clothing and personal preferences. Fearless in the face of controversy, Jaden welcomes change and defies expectations, establishing himself as a trendsetter in the fashion, music, and film industries. Jaden Smith continues to be a mysterious figure as he boldly shapes his story and encourages a new generation to embrace originality while he navigates the challenges of popularity and creative evolution.

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