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Kay Kinsey is a former supermodel from the United States. Kinsey is best known for being the wife of Karl Malone, a well-known former NBA player from the United States. Kay Kinsey became well-known after winning Miss Idaho USA in 1988.

Kay is also the owner and operator of the Teriyaki Grill in Ruston. While her husband is a successful businessman, you can occasionally see her dabbling in other endeavors. Malone, her husband, was named Director of Basketball Promotion and Training Assistant and Conditioning Coach at Louisiana Tech University in 2007, and he made a $350,000 donation to the sports department. The legendary basketball player is now the Utah Jazz’s head coach.

Early life

Kay Kinsey was born and reared in the United States, in the city of San Antonio. As a result, she celebrates her birthday every year on August 8.

Bob Kinsey, a former United States military officer, and Celestina Kinsey are her parents. Kay’s mother, Celestina, was born in the Philippines, where she first met Bob in 1961. Kay’s parents moved to San Antonia the next year, and then to Idaho Falls in 1983, where she was born. Kay’s mother passed away in the year 2000 due to colon cancer. Kay has three brothers and sisters as well.


 Kay’s modeling career began as a supermodel. She chose to forsake her career as a model after her marriage to Karl Malone and pursue fame instead. She continues to work at her Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston despite her retirement from modeling.

Because her husband has a lot of business, she is seen making connections with other businesses. Karl Malone Powersports and dealerships such as Karl Malone Mitsubishi, Karl Malone Toyota, Polaris, and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are among the firms and assets owned by Karl Malone’s family.

Kay’s husband, Karl Malone, has competed in the World Wrestling Championship against Brock Lesnar. Manny Pacquiao, a well-known Filipino professional boxer, was visited by Kay and her husband.

Personal life

Kinsey is a married woman with two children. She married former NBA great Karl Malone on the 24th of December 1990.

The two were in a relationship that was little more than a dream, starting with a chance meeting at a mall during an autograph session and gradually getting to know each other over the phone, back when the cell phone wasn’t even a thing. They began spending more time together after that, and after a few years, they exchanged vows in front of family and close friends.

Their marriage has produced four lovely children: three daughters and a son. Kadee, their oldest daughter, was born on November 8, 1991, and Kylee, their second daughter, was born on April 7, 1993.

K.J Malone, their only boy, was born on May 8, 1995, and Karlee, their youngest daughter, was born in 1998. Her husband has a daughter named Cheryl Ford and a son named Daryl from a prior relationship with a woman named Bonita Ford, and she is the stepmother of three children.

Karl Malone’s twin daughters, Cheryl and Daryl, were born on June 6, 1981. Karl, her husband, also has another son named Demetress Bell from a previous relationship with Gloria Bell.


Kay Kinsey is married to Karl Malone, a retired professional basketball player. They married in 1990 and had a wonderful love story. The two were in a dream relationship that began with a chance meeting at a mall during an autograph session and progressed to getting to know one another over the phone, back when mobile phones weren’t even a thing. When he was younger, Karl Malone was always the one who got into fights. He was earlier quoted as saying that if his teammate Kobe Bryant does not stop flirting with his wife Kay Malone, he will fight him.


Though Kay Kinsey was a model she didn’t act in any movies.


We didn’t find any controversy about Kay Kinsey.

Net Worth

According to publicly accessible information, Kay and her husband Karl Malone have a combined net worth of approximately $75 million. During his playing career, Karl amassed a net worth of roughly $104 million. Karl’s most notable win was for the Utah Jazz in 2002-2003, when he won $19.2 million.

Unknown Facts

  • Kay founded her own restaurant, Teri Yaki Grill, in Ruston, after working as a supermodel.
  • Cooking is Kay Kinsey’s favorite to-do category item.
  • Kay Kinsey’s instagram id is “mamil32” that has more than 11.7 thousand huge fans.
  • Kay Kinsey’s twitter id is “@mamil” with over 4,347 followers.

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