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Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Wife, Career, Wiki & More

Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Born in Bashikpur, Laxmipur, Bangladesh on December 15, 1981, Sheikh Ahmadullah is a well-known Islamic scholar. The calm village environment of his early years laid the groundwork for his incredible journey.

Sheikh Ahmadullah Personal Details:

Full NameSheikh Ahmadullah
BirthplaceBashikpur, Lakshmipur, Bangladesh
Birth DateDecember 15, 1981
Age42 years
OccupationIslamic Scholar
Active YearsNot specified
Home TownBashikpur, Lakshmipur

Sheikh Ahmadullah Physical Stats Information:

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight60 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Skin ColorWhite Brown

Sheikh Ahmadullah’s Education:

Education LevelInstitution/School
Primary EducationBashikpur Primary School
Qaumi MadrasahQaumi Madrasah (Details not provided)
Hatiyar Faizul Uloom MadrasaHatiyar Faizul Uloom Madrasa
Darul Uloom HathazariDarul Uloom Hathazari Madrasah
IftaKhulna Darul Uloom

Social Media Profiles and Websites Associated with Sheikh Ahmadullah:

WebsiteAs-Sunnah Foundation
WebsiteAhmadullah’s Personal Website

Sheikh Ahmadullah Family Details:

Family MemberRelationshipAdditional Information
FatherMohammad Delwar HossainBusinessman
MotherMosammat Delwara BegumHomemaker
WifeNot known
Marital StatusMarried
Children3 sons, 1 daughterAll huffaz (memorized the Quran)

Sheikh Ahmadullah’s Favorite Things:

Favorite AspectFavorite Choice
HobbyRecitation of the Qur’an
Favorite FoodDates
Favorite PlacesMecca and Medina
Favorite PersonHazrat Muhammad (SAW)
Favorite ShaykhHafez Sahidullah

Sheikh Ahmadullah Net Worth:

YearNet Worth (in Million Dollars)


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Sheikh Ahmadullah Born

-On December 15, 1981, Sheikh Ahmadullah is born in quiet Bashikpur, Laxmipur, Bangladesh.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More


-Sheikh Ahmadullah enrolls in Qaumi Madrasah, setting the groundwork for his future education, with the help of his loving mother.
-In the latter part of the 1990s, the individual proceeds with his study in multiple Noakhali madrasahs until being accepted into Hatiyar Faizul Uloom Madrasah.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

A Beacon of Knowledge & Academic Excellence

-Joins the Darul Uloom Hathazari Madrasah and studies under Deen Mufti Saiful Islam (R.H.), a renowned scholar.
-Achieves academic excellence, securing the 10th position in the (Sanubiya) Higher Secondary Examination and the 3rd position in Graduation (Fazilat).


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Teaching at Darur Rashad & Khatib in Baitul Falah Jame Mosque

-– Commences his career as a teacher at Darur Rashad in Mirpur, leaving a lasting impression on the children.
Takes up the roles of Imam and Khatib at Mirpur’s Baitul Falah Jame Mosque, serving as the community’s spiritual leader.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Middle East & Digital Journey Begins

-Accepts a call from abroad and works for nearly ten years as a preacher and interpreter at the Islamic Dawah Center in West Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
-In 2012, he embarks on a voyage on YouTube, sharing insights from his ongoing study of the Quran and Hadith.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Establishment of the As-Sunnah Foundation and Return to Bangladesh

-Returns to Bangladesh and creates the “As-Sunnah Foundation,” a comprehensive organization devoted to Da’wah, service, and education.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Literary Recognition & Nabin Udoktta Sommanona

-Gets the As-Sunnah Foundation’s Nabin Udoktta Sommanona (Novel Entrepreneur Honor), honoring his contributions to Islamic enterprise.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Continuing writing Recognition

-He receives yet another honor for his writing accomplishments when his book wins the Book Fair Bestseller Award in the religion category.


Ahmadullah was born into a Muslim Bengali household and attended Bashikpur Primary School for his early education. Following his mother’s lead, he enrolled Qaumi Madrasah and looked into other career options. He eventually made his way to the highest level of religious study at Darul Uloom Hathazari after his voracious curiosity brought him to Hatiyar Faizul Uloom Madrasah.


Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More

Ahmadullah began his teaching career in 2003 and left a lasting impression at Darur Rashad in Mirpur. He also filled the positions of Imam and Khatib at Baitul Falah Jame Mosque at the same time. In 2009, he followed his calling abroad and moved to the Middle East, spending nearly ten years working as a preacher and interpreter in Saudi Arabia.


Sheikh Ahmadullah founded the As-Sunnah Foundation in 2019 after returning to Bangladesh. It is a comprehensive organization devoted to Da’wah, service, and education. His dedication to achieving Allah’s pleasure via both institutional and extracurricular endeavors is reflected in this foundation.


Ahmadullah is a prolific writer in addition to being a speaker. Many people have been moved by his written works, which include “Dua and Zikr of Rasulullah” and “Dua and Zikr after the Five Obligatory Prayers.” His writing has been included in articles that have appeared in prestigious media publications.


There isn’t any significant dispute around Sheikh Ahmadullah. His primary goal has been to disseminate knowledge about Islam, and his achievements have received widespread recognition and appreciation.

Works Published:

Among the influential publications written by Sheikh Ahmadullah are “রমাদান প্ল্যানার (Ramadan Planner)” and “সীরাত স্মারক (Siraat Smarak).” His works have been well-received; in 2022, one of them won the Book Fair Bestseller Award in the religion area.

Sheikh Ahmadullah’s Publications:

Publication TitleTypeLanguageYear
Dua and Zikr of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the Morning and EveningBook/CardBengali(Year not specified)
Dua and Zikr after the Five Obligatory PrayersBook/CardBengali(Year not specified)
রমাদান প্ল্যানার (Ramadan Planner)BookBengali2023
সীরাত স্মারক (Siraat Smarak)BookBengali2021

Further Unknown Information About Sheikh Ahmadullah:

Sheikh Ahmadullah Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & More
  1. Maternal Influence: – Sheikh Ahmadullah’s mother’s advice had a big impact on his early schooling. Bashikpur Primary School was the starting point of his trip, indicating the early impact of maternal care on his academic trajectory.
  2. The Diversity of Education: In addition to receiving a conventional Islamic education, Sheikh Ahmadullah studied Urdu at Chandraganj Boaliya Madrasa in Lakshmipur. He demonstrated his dedication to a variety of educational pathways by attending Nurani sessions as well.
  3. Proficiency in Language:– Speaking Arabic and Bengali with ease, Sheikh Ahmadullah’s language abilities were essential to his ability to engage with a wide range of people around the world. His influential stay in Saudi Arabia was partly attributed to his fluency in Arabic.
  4. Innovator in Digital Da’wah – Sheikh Ahmadullah started his YouTube channel in 2012 with the goal of using modern media to spread Islamic teachings. His use of technology highlights his versatility and dedication to expanding his audience.
  5. Preserving the Legacy of the Prophet: – In addition to his literary works, Sheikh Ahmadullah has made a significant contribution to the preservation of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) legacy by developing the “2021 Siraat Remembrance Card,” which highlights the significance of commemorating and considering the life of the Prophet.
  6. International Charity: – Sheikh Ahmadullah established the As-Sunnah Foundation, which is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid. The foundation aims to address social and humanitarian concerns with a commitment that goes beyond education and da’wah.
  7. Media Visionary: Sheikh Ahmadullah aspires to establish an extensive media network that disseminates the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. His innovative strategy uses striking and elegant media displays to free people from the cycle of truth and deception.
  8. Influence Across Cultures: – His capacity to overcome cultural differences during his time in Saudi Arabia is indicative of his dedication to promoting mutual understanding among diverse groups. His broad acknowledgement and acceptance can be attributed in part to this cross-cultural influence.
  9. Many Articles: – Sheikh Ahmadullah has authored more than only the well-known booklets and cards. He has written hundreds of pieces on research and da’wah, many of which have appeared in prestigious Bangladeshi and Arabic media venues.
  10. Educational Pursuits: – In addition to his work as a scholar and preacher, Sheikh Ahmadullah is also actively involved in the administration of an affiliated madrasa, demonstrating his commitment to the real-world application of Islamic education.


To sum up, Sheikh Ahmadullah’s life is a tapestry made of strands of knowledge, devotion, and unwavering faith. His life story, from his early years in Bashikpur to his rise to prominence in the Islamic world, demonstrates his dedication to illuminating people’s minds through the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Sheikh Ahmadullah has left an enduring legacy in the field of Islamic learning through his foundation, books, and international outreach. He is still a beacon of knowledge.

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