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Louie Castro is a famous YouTuber of America who runs the ‘Louie’s Life’ channel. Castro began his career as a YouTuber in March 2014, when he launched his YouTube channel. Due to his funny storytelling techniques, he quickly gained many subscribers. Louie’s success on YouTube led to his branching out to other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouNow, and Vine. His “story time” videos on TikTok made him famous. Castro also uses Instagram to interact with his fans.

Early life

On August 18, 1999, Louie Castro will be 23 years old in 2021. He was born and raised in Watsonville, California. Louie comes from a well-established Christian family. Louie is an American citizen who follows the Christian faith. Mr. Castro, Louie Castro’s father, is a businessman, and Mrs. Castro, his mother, is a homemaker. Andrea Castro and Yoatzi Castro, his sisters, are his other siblings. Castro attended Watsonville High School in Watsonville, California, for his early education.


After numerous of Castro’s Twitter followers requested that he start video blogging, Louie Castro was motivated to create a YouTube channel to enjoy himself on March 14, 2014. Before joining YouTube, he was a Twitter user who regularly posted 10- to 15-minute video segments. “Louie’s Life” was the channel’s name, and the first video was a story about Louie’s life. Then, to show his life narrative to viewers, he began posting videos such as “My other half,” “School,” “When you’re bored,” and “Pet peeves.”

Louie began experimenting with new vlog concepts after gaining a few followers. He created vlogs like “Bean Boozled Challenge,” “Chubby Bunny,” “Best Halloween make-up lesson,” and others. With practice, the editor could teach himself and produce several professional-looking videos. “Lost my virginity in sixth grade” is the most popular video. How did you do it? | STORYTIME’s viewership has surpassed 5.6 million. In just four days, the video helped him reach 100,000 subscribers.

‘How to Dance at Quinceneras’ is another popular video that has been uploaded. “I snuck out at three a.m. HEETO ELOTES featuring JENNY69, “Con Mis Hermanas!,” “Cooking HOT C,” and more. He played Rihanna’s Stay in the Moment’himusic video on his YouTube account with his brother Yoatzi.

He also uses the most well-known Vlogging approach, known as ‘StoryTime,’ to narrate events that have occurred to him in the form of an account. He is regularly sought after by firms in the new age of cosmetics wanting to increase their product range because he is a social media influencer.

On his Instagram, Louie Castro has also promoted VCEE Beauty and Tarte Cosmetics. He went by the handle ‘the hamie louie’ on TikTok and became a massive hit with his humorous videos. He’s also well-known on Instagram, with a feed consisting of different make-up looks and photos with his lover. Castro claims that his motivation stems from the love, support, feedback, and recommendations he receives from his supporters.

Louie Castro has already started sharing gorgeous images to Instagram, and his long-term goal is to work in the film industry, where he will be able to make and edit videos. Meanwhile, he plans to upload videos to his YouTube channel once a week.

Personal life

Louie Castro is gay. His dating partner is Louiie Meadows. He keeps posting photos of them on his Instagram account. On the other hand, Louie Castro includes his girlfriend in his YouTube videos. Before declaring his adult status early in his first year, Castro stated that girls drew him in. The duo is not afraid to flaunt their relationship in public. Louie hasn’t disclosed his name on his Instagram or YouTube videos despite being together and have made it public.


Though Louie Castro is a YouTuber. He didn’t act in any movies, or no one gave him movie offers. Maybe in the future, he will be involved with the media.


According to our information, Louie Castro had at least a few relationships in the last few years. We do not know Louie’s previous romances, lovers, and breakups. Louie keeps his relationship secret. Louie Castro is seeing that keeping track of all his hookups and exes is more complex.


We didn’t find any relevant information about Louie Castro’s controversies.

Net Worth

Through his professional pursuits, Louie Castro has earned substantial wealth. According to several web publications, he has a net worth of $700 and 800 thousand dollars. His YouTube channel makes between $23.2 thousand and $371.8 thousand per year, according to socialblade.com. Louie is satisfied with the salary he receives from his employment.

Louie has accumulated this cash throughout his incredible career as an American vlogger. Louie has also amassed a significant amount of public support and financial resources. He is currently living a joyful and abundant life with his family because of his money. His net worth and annual salary would increase in the next few days.

Unknown Facts About Louie Castro

  • Louie is a California native.
  • Louie got a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
  • Louie had some paranormal experiences.

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